SM, Please don't shutdown Content Paradise!

  • With the exception the actual program I've bought a lot more items from Rendo than CP. Then
    again I've bought more poser items from DAZ than CP.

  • I've never liked the current CP. It has a realy bad web site design and a confusing navigation. I still miss the old first CP. True. It is a loss, of every site shutting down. We are loosing diversity.

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    There is still HW out there. Small but great store with a very nice staff. Could become a new home for all the vendors who don't want to sell on the huge market place Renderosity.
    CP i buy not often. What bugs me that when you don't pay extra, you could not download your files anymore in case of disaster.

  • I suggest if you want to keep Content Paradise around, upvoting the original post might send a message.

  • I'm more concerned with Poser itself or if Renderosity will buy Poser and what would happen with our Poser License
    just on a side-note; is this some urge of Renderosity vs DAZ3D ?

  • I think the reason was made clear in the "Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity" thread.

    "This effort will give us the opportunity to maximize the value that this partnership will create for the community, and our future efforts on enhancing the Poser software."

    Maintaining a content website takes manpower and money. Being that SM is a software company first, its primary goal is to focus on software development. If you have a "lean and mean" team, it makes sense to focus their efforts on new and enhanced software features rather than maintaining a content web site. Putting the content side of things in the hands of people who have been doing that for years makes sense.

    No conspiracy theories that I can see.

  • @deecey said in SM, Please don't shutdown Content Paradise!:

    I think the reason was made clear in the "Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity" thread.

    I believe they should explore outsourcing or joint venture options that would maintain Content Paradise as an independent store, whether designated the official home of Poser or not. The branding, pagerank, backlinbks and existing Poser & other software application hard-coded links alone make a good case for keeping CP intact, however its most necessary to maintain market stability by keeping the cornerstone marketplace competition in check. CP is the largest store focusing on social media and casual customers with affordable offerings by both professional & amateur content creators.
    There are 3 primary legs on the consumer 3d markletplaces, each with a respectable pagerank of 5. The market was stronger with 4 (RDNA), but this market will surly wobble with 2.

    FWIW I suggest divesting CP from SM or least the software division P&L and seek outsourcing for the management. There are so many options today and with next generation 3d content uses on the horizon I cant imaging snuffing a business in today's blistering hot environment. The business developers at SM need to take their own medicine and get creative! Get tough, think bold and out of the box. This industry needs to get thier head out of the traditional graphics artist market and sniff the opportunities the current investments already afford. It only takes a small effort to movce into new markets if you get creative where to put the lever.

  • @dreamcutter I pretty much agree with Deecey on this one. I do believe this was the better move to make. I still think going with Renderosity was a mistake instead of going with Hivewire and making Dusk and Dawn the official Poser figures, but I also uderstand that SM and HW couldn't come to terms on that deal.

  • @eclark1849 Yeah, I am not disagreeing with @deecey. And I think your approach to merge with hivewire3d is great, however I think the CP name and Domain should be the dominate on in the merger. ContentParadise,com gets approx 10:1 visibility (approx 5k daily visitors) than (approx 500/day). This is why it shouldnt die.
    I put my money where my mouth is BTW and already inquired....

  • Out-sourcing management of it and keeping it open would be a way better idea than closing it down completely... like I said earlier, The home of Poser should also be the primary place to find content for the program, not some 3rd party site that will bury products in a massive list that makes them hard or impossible to find! As much as I dislike DAZ, they got that much right at least...

  • @eclark1849 Have you thought about aproaching SM with the idea of them giving an official link to your Poser vendors list from the SM/Poser home-page? Now might be a good time to look in to it if you haven't... at least then users would have ready access to a list of resources since CP is closing...

  • @theschell I have talked to SM a few months ago, and the conversation was about CP. They actually surprised me by thanking me for the directory, so yeah, they are aware of it.

  • @eclark1849 It'd be nice if they posted some kind of official link to it specially with the situation with CP... In the mean-time, if you would be willing to give me a 600x600px logo for the directory you've set up I'd be happy to add a link to it in the R&D Department links section on my site...

  • For some reason this vendor wasn't notified about CP closing down, I heard it yesterday. A real shame that CP is closing down, resulting in the loss of a lof of great Poser content that has been released only at CP over the years. Personally for me means that this will be the end of me as a vendor and Poser content creator. My main sales through all these years have come from CP. Hassle free, easy to use. I'm not moving my items elsewhere due to horrific store policies. Small vendors have no place at Renderosity and moving all my items to Hivewire would be time consuming. I've done a few but that took too much effort. Doing everything means re-structuring over 1000 folders and redoing at least 300 renders. Sadly this move by SM marks the end of my as a Poser vendor.

  • You can also sell your content here,
    His site is gaudy but he charges nothing (I believe) for people to sell there. Give him a holler.

  • ALSO .. a somewhat overlooked venue for 3D content is Etsy. It's much more than knitted stuff and doilies ;)

  • @trekkiegrrrl Hmm... never heard of it myself. I must investigate this claim. :)

  • @eclark1849 Still looking around, but at first glance I am completely bamfoozled. What am I looking for?

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    @trekkiegrrrl Never see there 3D stuff. I buy pretty often there, but somehow i missed it. Have to troll now over there :)

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