Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity

  • @smithmicro said in Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity:

    To the Poser Community and our valued Smith Micro Software Customers:
    future efforts on enhancing the Poser software.

    So does this mean there will be a new Poser? How about all the bugs and errors your new team instituted in Poser 11.1? Will those ever be repaired?

    How about cluing us here in your own forum about the future of Poser while you're here screwing all your vendors.

  • Whats next? Closing this forum and everyone go to Rendo?

    At 15 to 30 seconds for a page to load at Rendo, no thanks.....

  • But by all means, remain silent.....

  • @shvrdavid said in Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity:

    But by all means, remain silent.....

    I think their silence speaks volumes....

    First, they screwed their employees
    Now, they've screwed their vendors
    There's nothing left but the customers.

  • @shvrdavid said in Smith Micro Announces New Strategic Partnership with Renderosity:

    Whats next? Closing this forum and everyone go to Rendo?

    At 15 to 30 seconds for a page to load at Rendo, no thanks.....

    Ahhh, that's only on a "good" day. I've waited a minute or more for the Renderosity forum pages to load.

  • I got the email about moving stuff to Rendo.

    Here is the problem thou.

    Rendo stuff goes thru QA.

    That will take ages if everyone sends their stuff.
    Worse yet, if they have to make changes, now you have new versions with no upgrade path for previous purchasers.

  • @shvrdavid Ohhhh, hadn't thought of that, but yes, that will definitely slow things down to a crawl assuming, of course, the product makes it through QA at all. The upgrade path for previous purchasers will definitely be lost.

  • @shvrdavid Are you no longer on the PoserTeam?

  • Nope.....

  • @shvrdavid That's a definite shame. ~frown~

  • My biggest issue with all of this is the same one I had at DAZ when they made all their changes... They give this glowing statement about how everything is being done for the benefit of the "community" while in the process lining their own pockets at the expense of the community they claim to be bettering.

    I am certain this move is great for SM (it frees them up from having to deal with vendors, content, and a market-place site), and for Rendo (it will certainly put a lot more cash in their pockets), but lets call it like it is instead of gushing about how much this will benefit the community. It won't, and certainly won't help the vendors and content creators who stand to lose money in sales when Rendo takes their cut... and that means a loss for the community as a whole when not all content gets migrated and when vendors leave because they don't wish to sell through the other site...

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it a GOOD thing for products to go through a QA process? The better the QA process a store has, the more likely I am to purchase from them! I've bought a few things from CP that really should've gone through better QA.

  • If they have thousands of people to do the QA, sure.
    Then it wont take years... to go thru the thousands upon thousands of items at CP.

    My guess is that most of the items wont go to Rendo, they will just go away...

  • Make your purchases now, and back them up big time. Even if Rendo bypasses the QA testing and the content migrates, the prices will go up. Rendo has a minimum price for things, CP doesn't.

    I'm also remembering the Daz/ RNDA merger and how "wonderful" that turned out. I know these are 2 different companies, and rendo isn't buying out SM (unless it's the other way around) but I still have a bad feeling.

  • This is a sad day for Poser. Renderosity, going on the emails I receive, are doing the best to promote DAZ Studio content, not Poser content.

  • @redphantom It's more than a feeling. Just go look at the DAZ vendor list. Almost every one of the RDNA vendors that got sold to DAZ like slaves has been culled from the DAZ store already - including Syyd!!!

  • @Glitterati3D
    I see so Smith Micro decides to merge their store front with Renderosity's, a store that has an already existing partnership with SM for years now. Great time to start some DAZ bashing, right?

    No RDNA vendor was "sold" to DAZ, many made the transition to a new store front and many chose to go their own way, there is nothing sinister in that. There was no forced exclusivity agreements with RDNA vendors, connected with the sale/merge of RDNA or in any other circumstance, each vendor was free to decide where they wanted to submit their products and where they wanted to sell there own existing libraries.

    And was Syyd "culled", that is not my understanding of what happened. The Daz Store lists 160 products under a PA named Syyd? So please tell me more about this mass "culling" of RDNA vendors? Sounds like a great story...

  • @glitterati3d

    Actually, Syyd has 163 products there. Stop the BS

  • @shvrdavid Oh, sorry, my mistake. They just FIRED Syyd from her DAZ job, but let her continue as a vendor.

  • @tumble-weed

    This is an entirely different situation than DAZ merging with RDNA.

    That hasn't been my experience at all in being a vendor at Renderosity. It's my observation that the staff at Rendo cares a LOT about Poser. They aren't "pushing" DS content at all. After trying to sell both Poser and DS content, there just seems to be more of a demand for DS stuff from my observation.