Legs don't bend

  • Complete poser newbie here. I bought the program to help me compose scenes and I've noticed that many of the models do not have functional knees - they simply do not bend. Arms works all the way down to the fingers but no matter how I twist and turn and fiddle with variables I cannot get the legs to bend at all.

    What on earth is going on? Surely something this simple isn't by design or oversight??

  • My guess is that IK is turned on.

    Turn IK off for the legs and they should bend using the dials.
    With it on, you have to move the foot to get the legs to bend, and that doesn't always work as planned.

  • @shvrdavid Boy did I ever find that out the hard way the first time I played with Pauline and Paul while testing some clothing sets. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on, and then I saw that IK was turned on by default for their legs.

    I was practically ready to throw the laptop out the window, because I'd never seen anything like that before. I don't, as a rule, use the Poser characters, so didn't even consider it, because 3rd party characters don't have it on by default.

  • Yeah, inverse kinematics was on.

    Thanks, y'all are life-savers. For a moment I was worried that I'd be stuck using only DAZ models.