• I was asked to fill a few areas with TRUE BLACK (C%50 M%40 Y%40 K%100). I am guessing that CSP simulates CMYK with the CMYK color slider?
    Or is there a mode that I can switch to? When I fill with the CMYK color slider settings as above, then use the eyedrop, and I get a different color.
    I have PS CS6 and can just check the blacks last in CMYK mode. Just curious about CSP and trying to get away from my old PS software since it is getting old and no updates and I don't want to switch to a monthly pay scheme yet.

  • Unfortunately CSP doesn't have a CMYK color space. You work in RGB and export in CMYK. CSP will convert the RGB color space to CMYK.
    To get a full black you need to have a C50%M40%Y40% underprinting on the color file and export the color file and the black line art separately. Export your line art in duotone and set the color to K100% in the desktop publishing app.

  • Thank you Garlam. Your insight is always appreciated.