Eye Curve Shape

  • Hello guys.
    Well my question: is there a way to make this curve as much better as I can and quicker?
    0_1537384903272_Curve Eye Original.jpg
    Well I tried so many ways

    1. Continuous curve
    2. Draw by hand with Marker without out pressure sensitive (cause I want to have a uniform stroke ‘s width) *which seem to be nice and quick but not perfect as I want
    3. I tried to make curve ruler but the main problem is that its really hard to manipulate the control points to create a perfect curve.
    4. I tried to create with ruler, a ellipse shape and rotate it as much close to the eye’s shape but its not what I wanted exactly. *This is another attempt to draw a good curve but if I try to cut the line and split it into 2 curvy shapes , its impossible to control/manipulate the anchor/control points to draw the specific curve as I want.
      Here what I managed to drawn.
      0_1537384909543_Curve Eye Mine.jpg

  • Use the curve tool, the continuous curve tool, and the ellipse tool to make the shape of the eye. Delete the parts you don't need then dress the eye up afterwards.