Make object unselectable?

  • I am working on hair for a model. The hair looks pretty good, but I need to some fill hair.

    The issue I keep running in to is that Poser keeps randomly switching to a different hair group while I am editing the new fill group, leading to me accidentally making changes to other hair groups.

    Locking the objects does nothing and I need them to be visible while I am editing the new hair group so that I can see the areas the fill needs to be placed in.

    Is there no way to simply make something unselectable? I've been forced to quit and reload my last save multiple times because of this issue.


  • Not sure right now because this is just a shot from the hip, but have you tried to switch visibility "OFF" for the "other" prop/figure?

    The morph brush won't "see" the invisible parts and thus only work on those which are visible.
    I always use this if I create unilateral morphs on a figure.

    The other option (if your hair model is a prop)
    would be to create several groups in the prop, using the "Grouping" tool:

    • One new group for every strand that you want to modify!

    In the "Morphing Tool" click on "Group" and select the desired group. Now the Morph Brush will only affect this single group.

    SAVE your file AFTER your morph is done on the selected group, and BEFORE you switch to a new group (or to none).

    Poser (PP2024 here) LOVES bolded textto crash if groups are changed mid-way!



  • If you have what you want selected, holding down the shift should keep you from switching to other objects.

  • Don't know if it will work with hair or not, but you can try Snarlygribblys addon "Keep Focus". @

    To use install extract it to your poser folder. (Should be runtime/python/addons/keep Focus after extracted).

    Then in poser menu .. Window -> addons -> Keep Focus. Click on object you want to work on and click the stick button.

    This was designed to be used with the morph brush is why I'm unsure if it will work in the hair room.

  • You can hide anything from the UI you want too. Sady thou, you cant do it from the UI......