How to scale up an entire scene with props and characters.

  • I'd like to enlarge a complex architectural scene by 3.6 times so that a six foot character appears in proportion to the doorways etc. The scene contains many props and some plant characters. Is there any way to do that in Poser 11 Pro? Thanks.

  • @bions

    Parent everything on one prop. Then scale the parented prop. Everything will be scaled with it.

  • @bions as @bantha mentioned parent everything, but create a grouping object to parent to. That defaults to a wireframe box which won't render, so you don't have to worry about hiding it. If you do choose to make the grouping object invisible, everything parented to it will be hidden, as well.

  • Another big advantage of using a Grouping object as master parent is that if you toggle the Grouping's visibility on/off, it will remember the individual visibility settings of it's children:

    What was invisible stays invisible, what was visible becomes invisible but becomes visible again if you toggle the Grouping's visibility.

    With a "Null" prop (or figure) as parent, you only have the option for "ALL ON" or "ALL OFF".


  • I think PhilC made a script once that did this. May have been a part of his Z-toon script. And I dunno if it's still available, but the Z-toon script parented everything to a ball then flattened it, giving everything a toon-ish effect.
    I usually parent everything manually to a ball now, mostly because I forgot I once had a script that could do it XD

  • Back in the days when I was still only using DS 3 Advanced, I always parented everything to am empty null figure, because when you had a busy scene, everything loads (as it does in Poser) first come, first served, so nothing relating to the same character, was listed together.

    For instance, I would group V4 and all her clothing, and related props, etc. with one empty null, and then I could see it all together in the Scene Tab. I got in the habit of doing that with everything, such as all lights together, all cameras together, just to neaten up the Scene Tab. It wasn't until I had to move everything in a scene that I realized how really useful my grouping all related items together was going to be.

    I do like @Karina's suggestion to use a Grouping object rather than a null though, especially with V4 and her Eyebrows nonsense. ~shakes head~

  • @miss-b
    That was @anomalaus ' idea - I only pointed out the advantages ;o)

  • @karina said in How to scale up an entire scene with props and characters.:

    That was @anomalaus ' idea - I only pointed out the advantages ;o)

    Ooops, that's what I get for reading all the posts, and then posting a reply. I sometimes forget who said what. Getting older sucks lemons! ~sigh~

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    Don't worry - happens to me all the time! :oD