How can I apply simple "Body Art" to a Poser figure?

  • I use Poser Pro 11.1 for creating medical illustrations for massage therapy.
    Is there a simple way I can "paint" highlight areas on to my James figure's skin to show my students areas that need massage treatment?
    I know I can paintshop over a previously rendered model in 2D, but I want to be able to re-pose my painted figure to display the same treatment areas in different poses.

  • Depends on how precise you need to be. You can go into the material room and change the hue on different parts of a model.

  • @datherapy I'm no expert, so not absolutely sure this is the best way to go, but my PP11 has a new feature I've not seen in earlier versions of Poser, and that's the "layers" option in the Material Room.

    I'm in the middle of a long render so can't do any screenshots, but I would think the Body Art you want to add can be on a separate layer from James' skin texture in the matzones you want to change.

    If no one else responds with more information, I'll try to do a couple of quick screenshots when my render is finished, and post them here so you can see what I'm talking about.

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    There are many ways you can do this:

    1. Make a copy of the affected texture and paint directly on it using a paint program.

    2. Use PhotoShop CC to load the figure with textures as a 3D OBJ you can export from Poser, and paint directly in 3D using the familiar paint tools.

    3. If you have zBrush, you can paint/draw directly on the models as well, though the interface can be daunting.

  • @datherapy OK, in furtherance to my earlier post, here are 2 screenshots to give you an idea of what I was referring to in my earlier post.

    The first shows you the Base Layer in the Material Room (James' skin)


    The second shows you what you'll see after you click the + button to add a new layer. This can be used to add more layers, one for each highlighted area you want to add.


    The only issue I see is James, and I'm assuming other Poser included figures, only has one full Body matzone, a Head matzone, and a Genitals matzone, so this method may not work for you with any of the Poser included figures.

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    The tutorial on how to use material layers in Poser 11 is on Renderosity's youtube channel:

    Or their website here:

  • How can I apply simple "Body Art" to a Poser figure?

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  • @eclark1849 said in How can I apply simple "Body Art" to a Poser figure?:

    How can I apply simple "Body Art" to a Poser figure?

    First, get them seriously drunk... :)


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  • @ambientshade Thanks for that. I learned about the Layers from one of Ghostship's shader goodies, but should've realized there would be a video on YouTube, or somewhere else, that would explain it better than me.

  • I want to add that you can uuse Blacksmith3D as well as zbrush. Blacksmith3D can be bought at a subscription plan so you won't have to shell out zillions of money just for one little texture :)

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    OF course there is always the Photoshop (Gimp, Paintshop, etc ) layers technique as well. Be sure to make a slight transparency to the tattoo or it will be too stark. :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl Hi, thanks very much for the Blacksmith 3D suggestion. The price looks within my limited reach - unlike zbrush. On a quick look at their website it may work easier for me as a total novice painting direct in 3D to see what I am doing. I will download a trial to play with. Perhaps if you are a user already you may know if I am likely to need the extra cost pro features?

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    @datherapy Check out Biscuits' youtube tutorials ... there is a thread here in the Poser forum on texturing in Blacksmith3d. Makes it more user friendly!

  • @boni Thanks, yes, you tube videos helpful because really I know almost nothing. Also thanks to all you guys for the suggestions. I have been playing with Blacksmith3D for a week in my spare time and it seems to do all I require. The Pro version supports multiple layers which allow me to draw in multiple muscle layers on one figure and then just select the ones I wish to view for the medical example I am working on at the time.
    I am happy and consider this topic now closed from my point of view.

  • @eclark1849
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  • @posebaker I think I have one or two in mine, but they didn't come with Poser. :)

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