Cannot download anything through Download Manager

  • If i remember correctly, i have opened a thread a month ago with pretty much the same issue at hand.
    I am unable to download the content update file and the support file, for both poser pro 2014 as well as pp11.1.
    Hope you get an answer and let us know whats the deal.

  • @marco said in Cannot download anything through Download Manager:

    If i remember correctly, i have opened a thread a month ago with pretty much the same issue at hand.
    I am unable to download the content update file and the support file, for both poser pro 2014 as well as pp11.1.
    Hope you get an answer and let us know whats the deal.

    They did just gloss over my ticket and ignored the issue. They sent me a reply saying they reactivated the download link on Content Paradise. For the Download Manager. Not happy about this.

  • Sometimes no answer is better then a no-answer.
    I got a bad feeling about this, folks...
    It seems to me like they abendon the ship.
    Dont know if i have spell that right, hope you get the idea.
    No updates in month, not a word if they working on anything, question get unanswered, not one new tutorial from renderosity in a year.
    The last one from Mark Brumer or Broumer was called" using other software with poser."
    I would call:"using other software than poser."
    I not very optimistic about all of this.

  • Yep, noticed the lack of updates myself and was wondering myself what's been going on. I would hate to think I have to switch to DS 'cause that would literally mean I would have to start over from scratch since Poser files are not compatible with it.

  • Welp, re-applied to my ticket detailing even further that I simply cannot download anything, will see what they say when I get home from work tonight.

  • Hope it will be fixed, soon.
    Otherwise, i have some experience with DS and some of my props are very well working in DS.
    I would have to buy some new figures and will think about it.
    I am not in a rush, maybe i will wait until next year...if there is nothing but silence on SM's site, i will do migrate to DS, it's not what i want and hope for, but i am old enough to see the VHS system going to be replaced by disk and disk was killed by mp3 download.
    Life is van only hope the change is for the better.

  • Just did a couple of downloads of files using the DLM and did not have any issues. It is possible your version was corrupt and will fail. I would try to do a download of the DLM again and see if that fixes it.

  • @richard60 thanks for your advise.
    I installed an older version of DLM.
    Right aftet the Program started, there was an Update message. I followed and downloaded it.
    I have 2 serial numbers for poser pro 2014, one for the english version, one for a german on.
    My serial for poser pro 11 was an upgrade from 2014.
    I tryed each of them, all updates, one can find on the second side of the DLM will not be downloaded, or in case of pp11, the file, if it downloads, prompted poser could not be found on the system.
    I also recived this "too many errors" message.
    I concluded that it could be a problem with the connection because im from germany and as far as i know, the server SM provides there data from is located in the usa.
    But thats not an explaination for a permanent problem.
    And if i read the comments her and else where, it seems a permanent one.
    What bothers me the most is, i wrote a ticket to both issues, month ago and recived something like a no-answer please download the DLM again.
    Thats frustrating.
    I another thread here i asked an other commentor about the 3d-walk path tool and he or she posted a screenshot of the window tab.
    I was sureprised to see, that his or her poser version, the same build number like mine btw,
    had two entrys more then mine.
    How on earth can that happend.
    I really dont understand this.

  • Since I don't know if you can get the files or not I will explain how it should work and where to find the files if you do manage to download them.

    The download manager takes the place of the install disk DVD. On the DVD there are nine 9 files the Poser Program and eight 8 content files. This files are executables. If you click on one of them it will run and install the content located within. You Must run the Poser Program files first as that sets up where the rest will load to. Now in the prefect world you would use the Download Manager and when all files are received just press the install button at the bottom and all is good. For whatever reason the DLM has a problem with the latest version and will tell you it can't find Poser (or it needs to be installed ETC.)
    So since you have downloaded all the files (this is assuming you have them) then go to the following location on your computer (Windows in this case). The firs is the Poser Program.

    Inside this folder you will find a couple of files Install Poser 11.exe (983MB)& Install Poser 11.exe.version(1KB).

    After you run this and answer all the prompts as to where to place all the content and it finishes I WOULD HIGHLY recommend you rename the file what version is located in the version file so as to prevent it from being over written if you download a newer version later. The DLM is suppose to do this and move the file to another location, but we are doing it manually.

    After the Program EXE has been run then you can install the content files (in which ever order) they are located at

    If you are just doing an update using the Update tab on the DLM the location of the files is the same as above expect change release to update.

    This is where all the original downloads are oved to after they are installed. They have the version tacked on to the end of the file name such as Install Poser 11 (

    This is where are the updates are located after they were run.

    This is of course if the DLM is working correctly. Which in the latest version is not. However you can move your installed files to these locations as long as you add the (version number info) to keep them unique.

    Hope this helps.

  • @richard60 thank you.
    I have re-installed my windows yesterday, to have clean start.
    After the installation of all updates, i will try what you have described.
    I have to work now, i think i have my system up and running in the late evening or tomorro morning.
    I will post if ti works or not.