Repeat Animation

  • Looking for guidance on how to repeat an animation sequence in a movie. I have a basic set of movements that I'd like to repeat through several cycles. Is there a cut and paste option for a base animation? If so, how does one do that?


  • It's possible to copy/paste keyframes in the keyframe editor window for the part of the animation you want to re-use.

    A more fancy way to go about it could be to save the piece of animation to the library and load it from there as many times as needed.

  • I understand that you have movements saved in poser pose librarie, correct?
    Open the keyframe editor and search for layers.
    You can add your presets there.
    The benefit of this is, the original animation remains untouched.

  • @ssmith1965: First assure you have the number of frames necessary for the task. Then open the animation pallet, drag a rectangular selection around the frames you wish to copy. While holding the 'ALT' key, drag that selection set to desired location, repeat as many times as you wish.

  • When copying/pasting blocks, be very careful with the keyframes on the beginning and the end of the block.

    Sometimes you want to do an exact repeat; for that be sure that all elements are keyed in the first and last frame of that block. That will guarantee that's an exact repetition.

    Other times you want to repeat only some parts, but leave others interpolating - for example if you repeat walking, you may want to key everything except for the XYZ coordinates, so that the toon will repeat walking but at the same time move on a line.

    What I like to do is to key everything at beginning and end of the block (otherwise I tend to forget what should be keyed or not), do the copies, and then go back and unkey those parameters that should interpolate through the repetitions. But other folks may have different processes.