Sexiest Poser Male Render Contest

  • Okay, so I wanted to have a render contest. There will only be one winner and I will be the sole judge. The winning prize is a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate. It's the first time I've ever done this, so yep I'm being cheap to test the waters.

    I want to keep the rules pretty simple. As I'm the sole judge on this one, my decision will be final.

    1. Main rule
    If this rule is broken, your entry will be disqualified. You MUST use a Native Male Poser figure as the Central figure in the render. This means no Genesis males as the central figure, no female figures as the central figure, and no MORPHED females passing as male as a central figure. Getting cute and trying to confuse me may get you disqualified.
    2. It MUST be a Poser render. Superfly or Firefly, I don't care. You can use Post work, just don't go overboard.
    3. Post your entry here in this thread.
    Contest period lasts from Sept. 26, 2018 to October 26, 2018. I will select a winner at least by 12 noon the next day, my time. US East Coast DST.
    Defining "Sexy".

    1. ANY OVERTLY Sexual artwork Male or Female, will be disqualified. I may be at work when I look at these and I am ALWAYS on camera.
      Please use a NSFW tag for any entry with ANY nudity. I don't care if it's the Hivewire dog. :)

    That's all for now, but please, ask if you need clarification on the rules. As I said, I wanted to keep them simple.

  • By poser native, do you mean one that comes with poser or any that work with poser without the aid of dson or other importers?

  • @redphantom Yes. Including modeling and rigging a brand new figure if you wish.

  • Ok, I'll throw down the gauntlet.
    0_1538025820338_M3 Beach.jpg

  • Can we enter more than one? :D

  • OK. First one :D What a lovely challenge/contest.

    I dunno if he's THE sexiest - it's all a matter of taste, I guess. But anyway. Dusk, with a new face I've (partially) Blacksmith'ed for him.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @ghostship Yep, he is hot. Can confirm.

  • @ladonna lol

  • I am in. At sunday, i will post my first entry to your contest, a brilliant idea of yours, if i my say so.
    So, let the game begin!

  • 0_1538131186314_c2ef6bd6-00bb-490d-94b4-c3d79d1b589d-image.png

    As always, "sexy" is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I'm going to submit a null entry here, since I've long been out of the habit of rendering males.

    I take absolutely no credit, since from the name, despite it being from my folder of Poser 6 renders, and dated 2005, I strongly suspect, based on the name "Promo4" that it came bundled with Poser 6 or from MetaCreations web site, or whoever owned Poser back then.

    Here's James, looking adjectival, ah, chiselled, that's the word I was looking for ;-)
    0_1538135870221_Promo4 - James.jpg
    [Expectorates in disgust at this forum being unable to upload a file with a .tif extension, and then unable to display a file with .tiff extension]

  • So here we come... hope it is sexy enough but not to sexy for this forum.
    This is my first entry and it has much simon G2 in it.
    ***=NSFW content***

    click to show

  • The show continued...
    Please give a warm applause to one of the underrated CG Figures i know....
    ***=NSFW content***

    click to show

  • This is Paul 2 African.
    I will be honest, i never worked with him befor... but i will do it now.
    Hope ou like it.
    0_1538324635205_Sexy Men 5.jpg

  • Both Simon and Paul are surprisingly good figures. I've used Simon a lot in the past years. I like how he bends and his overall look/shape.

    And especially African Paul is a fine figure, too. And the great bit about those two is that they're face room compatible, so they're easy to get to look completely different from their default selves :)

  • Here's one I just finished using Mike 4.

    0_1538325024632_sexy 1.png

  • @trekkiegrrrl
    Hm... i have completly forgotten the face room... how could that had happend.
    I will take Paul 2 into it, as soon as i need him again.
    Let's see what one can do with them.

  • @redphantom Nice one, RP. He kind of reminds me of someone I know.

  • This might be considered "cheating" especially since several of you have already made entries. But I think both the title and the rules have influenced this contest far more than I thought. I want you to know there's nothing wrong with any of the entries so far. And don't forget you can enter as many times as you like. But I think the word "sexy" is tripping some of you up and it's locking you into a frame of reference. So, remember that while your key figure in the scene, MUST be a native Poser male. It doesn't have to be the ONLY figure in the scene.

    For instance: