Poser Library not showing Favorites/Collections folder in Favorites tab

  • Ok, despite the horendous issue of not being able to download Poser in the first place, I was able to secure a copy and get it installed. Now my problem is that the content library refuses to show anything the the "collections" folder when I click on the Favorites tab. Everything in the main runtimes folders (characters, hair, etc) shows up fine, but when I click on the Favorites tab, the entire library is blank.

    There was a split second at one point where I saw something possibly load, but then it went blank again. I don't know if it's a graphical glitch or what, because when I add a folder inside the Library, it refuses to show that either, but I can go into Windows Explorer and see that the newly created folder was, in fact, created.

    Anyone have a solution to this? I have not yet attempted to download the 11.1 update, maybe that has a fix in it?

  • @cujoe_da_man can you locate your LibraryPrefs.xml file and show us what's in it? The file should reside in the folder which you can find with the Poser Python Shell command:


    In my case, that file contains a line referring to where Poser thinks the active CollectionFolder is (note that there is another "template" Collections folder in the application's own hierarchy).
    0_1538162929428_Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 5.26.56 am.png

  • By default the "Favorites" are empty unless you add some by yourself.

    However, depending on WHERE you installed your Poser program, it may cause problems with the dreaded "Windows UAC".
    Generally, if you installed Poser in your "C:\Program Files" you'll get problems without end because the Windows UAC loves to deny users less than "super-superiour-system admins" to add/modify any file in "C:\".

    So better uninstall Poser again and install it on another -internal!- drive ("D:\Program Files" for example).

    Then you can add files to your "Favorites" as you like.


    The "Favorites" are a special folder in the built-in Poser basic runtime and it works by adding Windows shortcuts to the files in your library.
    Your actual libraries may reside on any internal/external drive that you wish.

    However, if you add an item to your "Favorites" then it will be added to Poser's "internal" native runtime which is in the same directory as your Poser installation, on whatever drive it may be.

    If you installed Poser in your "C:\Program Files" the UAC will probably kick in and deny you any "write/modify" rights in that folder.

    Hope that helped


  • 0_1538166444566_libprefs.jpg

    This is what shows in mine. My libraries are on a secondary drive (D:) since my SSD is a bit on the smaller side. I have a larger one coming next week, will probably move everything back onto that, but I would still like to solve this in case that doesn't work either.

  • @karina

    Ironically, this all worked fine before I had to format my SSD due to a sudden Windows corruption. I've always put my runtimes/libraries on a secondary drive, partly for the space, but also for sudden system crashes that could occur. Luckily this was an isolated crash, haven't had one in many, many years, but I've always been good about keeping data off main drives :D

  • Keeping data off the main (system) drive is always a good idea and should be standard procedure.

    But in spite of where ever you install Poser, it will still save files on your "C:\" drive,
    most probably in "C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\PoserPro" etc. *1

    You can (and should) backup these files to a different drive before a new Poser install because Poser usually replaces them with it's default files, so all of your settings are lost.

    Sorry. too late tonight to be more specific about which backup files need to be brought back.
    I'm tired as a log.

    Maybe others can chime in?

    Thank you, and good night

    Paths may vary due to different OS's and Poser versions.

  • I'm currently moving everything back to my SSD instead of my secondary drive to see what happens. I figure it'll be alright until my larger SSD shows up next week (can't wait!) and see if this hopefully works out. I would hate to think I need to re-install my entire library, I've spent so much time setting up the favorites with custom menus and everything.


    I totally forgot that when installing Poser for the first time, you have to tell the installer where you want the content installed if you don't use the default location (which would be C:). I reinstalled Poser and selected my secondary drive and let it install everything fresh. Then I just deleted the installed Poser 11 Content and replaced it with my own custom folder under the same name and so far everything is working fine!

    Now all my main libraries show up as normal and my customized folders in the Favorites tab are showing up as normal too! :D