PE One + Mannequins = me lost

  • Hi
    I hope that someone will be able to explain to me what I'm doing wrong.
    Before PE One, I could convert a few Vic4 clothes to our beloved PE.
    Since PE One, the two I've tried failed. So that I tried one of those that I had already converted: Hongyu's Shirt.
    I've followed the instructions twice.
    In the pose room, everything looks correct, but not in the fitting room, in which I can see the shirt shifting:

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance :-)

  • @y-phil
    Just a question: Did you keep the morphs in te object?

    This is a small issue in the mannequin manual.
    The section about converting V4 clothing tells you to dial the morph in but it does not tell you to check 'keep deformations'.
    If 'keep deformations' is not checked in the cloth room the morph will be ignored.
    Of course if your model is say a cape you made for little pudgy elf, you must check 'keep deformations' for the goal, or you will find full size Evo trying to get into your cape model.
    The mannequins simply are special copies of the Evolution figure with a rigging and shape optimized for garment fitting.
    The v4-to-Evolution morph works much like my Prefittter-Cr2, except that I built the V4-to-other-figure morph info in my equivalent of the mannequin. The mannequins do not call for a different use of the cloth room than other figures.

  • @f_verbaas

    Shame on me... Lol.
    I thought: "As I haven't changed anything, why bother check this?"
    Here is a preview, as I've a few details to enhanced, such as the shoes (still a nightmare he he)
    BUT: Thank you so much!