Manga Studio 5 - pen/tablet getting stuck on "pan" function and won't draw

  • I have Manga Studio 5.0.3 (legal purchase) and it used to work fine, but since I installed it on my new laptop I'm experiencing a few problems. Right now, the most annoying is that it every now and then with no pattern, it stops responding to drawing and the pen will only pan the art around the screen. Every time I touch the pen down, it changes to a hand and scrolls the art instead of drawing. No amount of switching tools or tapping makes any change. I have to close the program and reopen it every time for it to reset.

    This is a brand new installation of the software. I made sure to fully update it. I'm using an Intous 4 Tablet. I experience no issues like this in Photoshop.

  • Go to and update to the latest version.

  • I was not aware that the license would work for Clip Studio as well. I've installed it and it seems to be working! Thank you!