Windows 10 update October 2018 - changes external drives letter !

  • All my Poser and Daz3d mapped drive references are ruined by Windows update changing the drive letters for my external drives where my runtimes are installed !!

  • @ibr_remote
    You can manually change them (back) to whatever you want :)

    I think it's called Disk Management in English.

  • OK - it could be a motherboard thing, because my other PC hasn't changed external drive letters at all.
    and yes, for the PC which had them changed, I had to change them back. rolls eyes

  • @ibr_remote windows 10 is an asshole...but the best one so far.
    It will change many settings, like your privacy settings, without even a notivication.
    But if you installed a software, that you set to have rights over specific files, like irfan view, the security guy inside win 10 goes nuts and the sidebar is littert with warnings.
    Sometimes i think i should close all windows and open a go to a bar nearby.