Question about licence

  • Over the years, I have lost 2 installed versions of Poser Pro due to computer hardware failure. Needless to say, I could not de-activate those because of catastrophic and sudden occurences. How can I inform the Smith Micro license servers that I no longer have those instances installed ?

  • @ibr_remote have you visited the License Manager online page?
    0_1538643646843_Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 6.59.47 pm.png
    from under Support, at the bottom. Login there and you can manage which systems your licence key is authorised on. IIRC you're allowed 3 changes in a month, or something like that.

    I had a problem previously where I let an OS upgrade choose the system name, which didn't match the system name previously logged by licensing Poser Pro, so the mismatch prevented Poser launching. Deleting one of the old entries and adding the new one sorted the problem. I still find it difficult to keep track of, because I dual-boot Windows 10 on my iMac, and have both macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra boot drives, so that chews up my three license activations (plus also seeming to stop me using Poser Pro 2014).

  • I shall try as you suggest. Thanks.

  • @ibr_remote, this will only work, if you had the serial number in question on that board registered.
    If you have not, go to the support page an send them an email.
    Thats what i did last week, after re-installing windows...and once again forgot to deactivate my poser licence...befor i press the big button.😟

  • @marco - all good for me. Thanks for the pointer, though.