How to create Control Props?

  • Does anyone know of a tutorial on using this feature of Poser? I need information on how to create them, plus whether or not the can be used on things like prop hair.

  • @glitterati3d what particular things would you like to know? I assume you've looked at p287 of the Poser Reference Manual.

    That section starts off confusingly with a Text Prop, but they then demonstrate using the "Convert Prop to Control Handle" which I assume is what you'd like to have on prop hair, similar to what some of the later Poser figures and PE use for facial controls. The information there does seem quite useful.

    I'm sure @erogenesis could give you some advice about his recent development experience with control handles on PE that would be more relevant. PE has body dials that show or hide the control handles, which is a useful feature. I also discovered that the cycles HoldOut node can be applied to control handles to simply make them invisible in renders, without having to actually hide them.

    I've frequently just used deformers in a similar manner, but they're probably not something you want to mess with for a commercial product. Too many things to go wrong, but they can have their geometry reference replaced with a null object, which means they can't be selected in the scene.

  • @anomalaus I did go through the manual, but it appears from that I can only put them on figures, not props. I was hoping to find a tutorial that would answer that question definitively.

  • @glitterati3d it appears, from the brief play I've had with control handles on props, that the way control props are intended to work is as a proxy for figure joints (prop rotations control joint rotations, prop translations translate the controlled actor). When used as a control handle on a prop, moving or rotating the control handle replicates the exact movement on the prop it's controlling, which isn't what I imagine you want for moving strands of prop hair, or controlling specific morphs.

    If that's the case, then control handles, as they have been implemented, aren't exactly what you want, but they could be, with a little work. Unfortunately, the thing that the control handles do by default, rotating and translating, can't be turned off, and one generally doesn't want to rotate or translate entire hair props. But if you've created a prop, or spawned one from facets on the hair prop, your new prop can still have it's rotations and translations linked via valueOperations to morphs on the hair prop. They won't move as though they're attached to the hair, unless you parent them appropriately and offset their origin, so rotations will happen away from the centre of the prop.

    As I mentioned previously, I've frequently used magnets on hair props as a quick and nasty alternative to properly rigging the hair prop to become a hair figure. I normally replace the magnet base and magnet geometries with a null object, so they can't be seen or moved in the scene, controlling them with valueOperations from dials on the hair prop. But the same technique could be achieved by using a control prop to manipulate the magnet, without the magnet being visible.