Why does this happen every time I rig something for V4???

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    I am missing a step or something. I can't seem to figure out why every time I rig something for V4, the foot actor of the conformer raises up, like in the picture, AFTER I hit conform to:. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Someone suggested using the magnetize clothing thing before I conform it, but there are 14 of them in the folder with no description and I don't know how to use that anyhow... so if you know, please tell me. And help me fix this rig before I throw the whole thing out and say no more to rigging anything...

  • When you made it, did you model it around the OBJ from the OBJ folder, or an exported obj from Poser? Was it properly zero'ed before export?

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    Trekkiegrrrl is right.
    Never export an obj from Poser but always model around the original obj file.

    To truly zero a figure? (if you have to?)

    • First => Remove all IK
    • Click Zero figure
    • Export => But before you do? ? ? Check my Video 1 on YouTube about the correct export-import settings between Poser and an external 3D app.

    But as you can change the true zero of a figure inside Poser?
    => It is advised to always model around the original obj file.

  • @trekkiegrrrl Yes. And I zeroed it out and clicked on Edit: Momorize Figure and then saved it to my library. I opened a new scene and brought in the figure, attempted to conform it to her, and this happened.

    In fact, it's happened every time I tried to rig something for V4. And only when I rig for her. Every other character I rigged for gave me no problems.

  • @vilters I can't do that. I am using a highly morphed version of her.
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    See? Memorise does NOT equal the original any more.
    That is what I meant when writing => You can change the true zero of a figure inside Poser. => Original obj file and rig are not synchronised any more.

  • If you zero V4 in poser, her feet drop down below the ground level and are pointed downward. Their standard flat foot pose is -20. Maybe that had something to do with what happened. I don't know.

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    Correct, that is what happened.

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    If you work on a highly morphed figure?

    Load your modified figure.
    => Click Spawn Full Body morph.

    Build and rig your outfit around a default V4
    After the rigging go to => Copy morphs from and select your Full Body Morph into the outfit. => Final adjust using the right click on arrow behind the morph (Edit morph) and fine tune the morph using the morph brush.

  • I am just trying to figure out and wrap my head around why I don't have this problem with any other figure I model for? V4 is the only one who gives me problems.
    I don't know if I want to go through all this trouble. It might be just easy to work with what I have. The chest armor is rigged. I turned a prop into a figure, so it works well with just parenting it to V4's chest.

  • That's because V4 doesn't load really zeroed.

    Her thighs are twisted -10/+10 and bent -2/-2, her shins are bent +3/+3, and the feet are twisted +10/-10 and bent -20/-20.
    (all values right/left)

    Because these values are set as "initValue"s a "restore figure" will only restore these values.
    It will NOT restore true zero values!

    If you model and rig for the figure in this non-zero pose, your garment will have this non-zero pose as "pseudo-zero".
    If you conform this garment to v4, those twists and bends will be inherited by the garment, but seemingly duplicated because you've already "hard-coded" them into your garment's mesh.

    Generations of content creators before you were already driven nuts by this particular "V4 Specialty"...

    There are workarounds to "fix" such items, but they are just that - a workaround, and sometimes they create more additional problems than they do fix.

    The easiest and most straight-forward solution is to take your garment, bring it back into your modeling program and fix the mesh so that it fits the original V4 mesh, which can be found here:

    When rigging remember to use the V4 rig "as is", i.e. WITH those strange "initValue"s!


    And next time we try to model a high heel shoe and rig it for the bent foot and toes :oD :oD :oD

  • @karina IIRC, things like those preset joint bends were incorporated to overcome leg IK bending the knees backwards when the leg joints were all zeroed and the hip was moved down. The IK solvers are REALLY dumb and don't adhere to any joint limits, frequently giving shins bent impossibly sideways. An inherent preset pose was the way to get the figure to behave with IK "out of the box" for new users.

    Hey, at least V4 doesn't have V3's screwy buttock bones X-D.

    The other catch with V4 is the tongue poking through the roof of the mouth if all the bends are zeroed.

  • You may be right there my friend, but honestly I can't say because I've never gotten much involved with the flawed Poser IK.

    Yes, the tongue is another thing I don't get.
    I've explicitly included a .pz2 file to put that darn thing back to normal in my "Karina's Tool Box",but then again, many click-expressions make it stick up again, and again, and again (banging head on desk).

    Of course I could change the actors' initValues in SASHA, but then many expressions which pose the tongue would not work as intended!

    Bloody annoying.


  • @karina said in Why does this happen every time I rig something for V4???:

    Bloody annoying.

    You hit the nail on the head with that statement. I like V4. I resisted her when I first learned about her, back in my Poser 8 days, mainly because she was the queen and her stuff was everywhere. Now I want to work with her because I discovered all the amazing morphs she has, but I the rigging thing has me pounding my head on my desk. I will figure out the issue, and see if I can fix it. I have a funny feeling it was zeroing the conformer before I saved it to my library that did it. Like you mentioned, she isn't truly zeroed.

  • Nope. That didn't work.

  • I had a similar, though reversed issue with making high heels for PE, no way can I model a pair of high heels with PE's feet flat. My work around was to pose the feet, note the bends, then model. I used the fitting room to make the conforming model around the feet in the posed state, and then added a -ve InitValue in the Pz file, equivalent to the original bends ( I think it was -ve) that certainly worked for me.

  • @amethystpendant That might work, but some if it is a little above my skill level...

  • See... this is Pauline and a costume that is fully rigged for her. Even the mask. I had no problems whatsoever rigging this and making it work. It's just V4...
    0_1538986137587_Golden Girl.jpg

  • The reason you only have problems with V4 is that V4 is the only figure that doesn't have her feet flat in the zero position (ok all Daz's Mil 4 figures are like that but they are all based on V4 and M4). Here is a lineup of a few figures with their IKs turned off and zeroed out. They are Pauline, Roxie, V4, A3, V3, and Dawn. You can see how V4's toes point down. If you don't model and rig to match that, you get the issue you've been having.

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  • @redphantom Okay. I can see that. So her obj file in the geometry folder has the toes pointing down? Or can I do like every other figure in Poser and export her from there, with the morphs intact and all?