PE invisable!!!

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    Just wanted to do a new image with Project Evolution ONE and ... I brought in a combo character ... no figure in the document window. So I started over and just brought in the base figure ... same result. All the information is there ... figure, body list ... but I see nothing in the document window (I'm using SreeD, because OpenGL crashes my AMD graphics card). (this already happens with Apollo to the point I can't use him any more ...)

  • I switched to SreeD and I was able to load Project Evolution ONE. Combo Characters, base, everything. I'm using the latest version of Poser 11.1

    When loading a combo character, did you get a message box asking to PE with or without Gens?

    I find the figures in the Characters and Combo Characters folder ask the message. The figures in the Base folder do not.

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    @willdial Hi ... a reboot of Poser did the trick ... but sometimes that works with Apollo too, but then I can't load the pz2 file again without an invisible Apollo and clothes. It is pretty weird. Got to the point I couldn't use Apollo at all ... didn't get a viable solution so far ... perhaps we could address this, maybe others are having a similar problem and haven't come forward.

  • Generally, if a figure loads perfect but without any visible geometry there's a problem with the geometry file (*.obj).

    This may occur if Poser has an older/different version (which has the same ".obj" file name) of the geometry stored in his cache.

    Poser only caches files by name and not by path.

    So if one version is in
    "A:\Version 1\MyObject.obj"

    and the newer one is in
    "A:\Version 2\MyObject.obj"

    and you've loaded the first version first, it will have

    • the first version cached
    • AND use it AGAIN if you attempt to load the second version!

    So if there are significant differences in the object files (grouping, texture groups etc.) Poser will ignore the differences and load the mesh with the wrong geometry information (which of course can't be parsed by OpenGL or SreeD to display anything).

    That's also the reason why, miracoulously, it works again after a restart of Poser, because that will clear the cache.

    This Poser inability to cache by path is also why you never should have the same file names for objects OR textures (because they are cached the same way as well) if you want to use different versions at the same time!