Poserfusion C4d ?

  • Questions for any Poserfusion to Cinema 4d users in here.

    1. Are you able to upload a full scene into C4d without having to manually convert all of the materials & textures?
    2. Are you rendering with the internal C4d engine, Octane or another?
    3. What task have you found yourself performing in C4d that you couldn’t in Poser?
    4. Is there another program you recommend that integrates Poser more seamlessly?
      Thanks for your assistance.

  • Let me get back to you later, i have to work right now, but i think i can help you out.

  • Thank you, I appreciate any advice.

  • Ok, here we go.
    First i have to say, i am working with C4D r12, a 7 year old programm, so you take everything i write with a grain of salt.
    In general, you can create a whole scene in Poser and after saving it as a pzz file, you can load this file into C4D.
    Therefore, you pick under plugins the Poser Object.
    A new Tab on the right side opens with the Poser Logo on it.
    To load a scene, you push the button with the dots, like so .... and a file browser dialog pops up. Search for the file you need and click ok.
    After the scene is loaded in the viewport, it is blank, no textures.
    In the poserfusion tab, you will find a button called "create materials". Push it and all the textures will be listed in the material tab.
    That is the moment, the fun starts.
    For the most part, you can leave the textures untouched and they will render fine. Maybe you want to add a little more bump or a displacement to a specific texture, then open the material by double-clicking the icon.
    There is an editor window now and you will find all the parameter listed. You can activate an effect by clicking the checkbox infront of the parameter and edit it by clicking on the name of the effect.
    The parameter list is in part very similar to what we know from the Poser Material Room, so you will get use to it pretty soon.
    A special animal is transparency.
    Here you have to be carefull. If you render a scene in C4D it can happend that a Texture with Transparent Maps will render as opaque.
    This happend because Poser and C4d are using different methodes to create transparence.
    Since poser 11 was released, this issue can be fixed in poser if you use the physical material node.
    To deal in C4D with it you click on color in the material editor and search for the texture. Click on the little thumbnail picture of the texture and you will find yourself in the texture editor.
    There you can change the black point and the white point simply by replaceing the values 1 and 0.
    That is a short review on trouble shoot in C4D.
    You can not pose your figures inside of C4D, because the bone structure will not load, the whole scene is just geometrie.
    I use C4D for creating Props and Morphs, manipulation of material groups and so forth.
    I also use Vray as an external render engine and this is a complett differend story.
    Years ago, there was an other Poser to C4D Solution called InterPoser.
    This little beauty was able to connect the whole library of poser directly with C4D, you could build entire scenes just like in poser and the figures where posable. Sadly this gem stone was gone after the release of C4D r12, the developer decided to close the thing, for what reason ever.
    If you have some specific questions, just let me know. I am far from perfect with C4D but if i can help you, i will share my knowledge.
    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Thank you for the information. So, to be clear, you don't have to reconnect any textures to figures/objects like when importing into Blender, Keyshot, etc...?

  • @gpanther3 No, its just a push on one button.
    It depends on how many textures you have in your scene how long it takes to load them, but it works on a single click.

  • Excellent, I'll go ahead and download a trail run, and see if I can make this a chief part of my workflow. Thanks again for your help.

  • Update
    Well, after installing the Demo version of Cinema 4D, it seems the PoserFusion plugin doesn't recognize the program. I contacted Smith Micro support and they responded promptly if unsatisfactory. Part of the response was, "It could be it is a Demo, but it also may be the version is not officially supported."
    I'm not why a definitive answer couldn't have been achieved by support, by having someone there test an updated version, and a demo version to see if PoserFusion is still a valid go between.

    Anyways, with the queue rendering issue not being resolved, clothing conforming bugs etc..., Poser 11.1 is grinding my productivity and confidence in Smith Micro to a halt.

    I'm going to irrationally dump all my Poser assets, but it's going to take one helluva webinar to get me to update to a newer version of this program.

    Thanks again to Marco for your assistance.

  • I feel your pain. I pretty much have lost faith in SM abilities.
    The "version is not officially supported" is the worst because the PoserFusion page does NOT list the supported version numbers.
    I've been looking for alternatives and I was hoping that Cinema 4D might be worth it.

  • @gpanther3

    There were some MAJOR changes in C4D Release 20, which was only released at the beginning of last month. I have a few plugins other than PoserFusion that have to be updated and recompiled as well, so it's not surprising that PoserFusion would not work with R20.

  • @willdial said in Poserfusion C4d ?:

    I feel your pain. I pretty much have lost faith in SM abilities.
    The "version is not officially supported" is the worst because the PoserFusion page does NOT list the supported version numbers.
    I've been looking for alternatives and I was hoping that Cinema 4D might be worth it.

    Trying to think back as to whether R18 or R19 was the current version when the last round of PoserFusion was released. PoserFusion was usually updated AFTER the Poser release. We're coming on near three years since release of P11 so I'm thinking R18 is supported for sure, but not sure about R19.

    Disclaimer ... I primarily use C4D for modeling and creating morphs for clothing and characters, so PoserFusion isn't in my repertoire.

  • I stand corrected. Here are the system requirements for Poser Pro 11. Note that the latest version of Cinema 4D was R17 at the time Poser Pro was released:


  • In my above post, I intended to say I'm not going to irrationally dump my Poser assets.
    As far as the C4D version support, I don't think we as customers should have to figure out or guess whether the latest version of the Poser plugin is compatible or not. Our job is to report our experiences.
    In my opinion, Smith Micro should simply be able to test the latest programs and get back to us with a concrete answer.

  • @gpanther3 Sad, sad news...im glad that i keeped my old C4Dr12...it works fine with both pp2014 and pp11.
    But the lack of communication on SM side makes me a bad feeling.

  • Yeah, in the past year in a half I've seamlessly integrated Marvelous Designer, Z-Brush, MOI3d and a little bit of Blender into my Poser & Clip Studio workflow. With the first two chapters of my graphic novel being released soon, I wanted to both clean up and upgrade my productivity. The C4D/Poser combo is a attractive because I wouldn't have to spend hours attaching nodes to recreate materials/textures I've already done in Poser.

    Poser mostly works great for me, but if I can't trust that support for the platform is going to continue, then it will become a bottleneck in the production line.
    Now I'm debating on a full deep dive into Blender 2.8, from rigging to rendering, and see if it's worth transitioning over to.

  • @gpanther3 WoW, that's a pretty tough task ahead.
    I am working with Blender, or may i say, Blender keeps me learning Blender for quite a while now, but i never thought about it as a standalone all-in-one solution.
    I know, Blender is a mighty tool and you can cover much of your workflow in it. But on the other hand, it is so complex, i am lost in it on more then one occasion.
    As is started in cgi, i wanted to create art, like i was doing with my traditional tools like brush and canvas...now i am more of an mechanic or technician then an artist...i spend more time on maintaining my OS and Programms then on my projects.
    But until now...i would not miss a single moment of the whole experience.

  • @marco
    Yep, one of my fears, becoming more technician than artist. I keep a sketch pad at my side and try to start every scene with at least a little pencil to paper.