New girl in town

  • I know, I know. I'm usually the first to point out that we don't need any new Poser ladies.

    And yes ... here's one. Not by me, but by the amazing Dodger.

    Meet Elizabeth2 :)


    As for now, she has no textures, so this is simply flat coloured with some Subsurface scattering wia the Poser Physics node.

  • uhm.... I wanted to keep it under wraps until creator pressed the go button, but anyhoo since it's out in the open now, here's how she bends in Poser Debut:-


  • @ibr_remote - she isn't weight-painted yet. I applied my own second skin slap-dash material setting so she wouldn't techically be nude.

  • I figured that since she's visible on FB, she's no BIG secret ;)

    So here's a comparison with Roxie, Elizabeth 2, Pauline, PE and Sasha16. PE has the nicest shoulders, no doubt about that. But I really like Elizabeth2 as well. She has a cute face :)
    (this is partially a morph I made, but 99% dial spinning)