MacOS Mojave compatibility?

  • Can anyone confirm MacOS Mojave and Poser are compatible? I don't expect any problems, but figure asking is the safest option.

  • @ctrl-shift the only problem I can immediately foresee, is that Mojave will not (as with APFS formatted drives on High Sierra) automatically alphabetically sort file system directories. There is an option in the Poser Prefs file called "LIB_ITEMS_SERVER_SORT" which can indicate to Poser whether to expect directory items to be presorted alphabetically by the server. I imagine that in High Sierra and Mojave, with APFS formatted content drives, you'll want this set to zero, so Poser will sort the returned entries in the library, before displaying them.

    I've read that due to the current prevalence of SSD boot drives, it was determined that it would be a performance penalty to return results in anything other than physical storage order, so sorting is left to higher level application or user routines for APFS volumes.

  • @anomalaus

    APFS is only for SSD, right ?
    btw. I gone back, all the way back to Sierra
    High Sierra was sort a nightmare and Cinema 4D in Mojave was a no-go
    had no there choice, really

    personally I did format to macOS extended journaled for Mojave as I don't have SSD
    but hell, what a nightmare ...
    fed up with macOS after Sierra

  • @posebaker uhh, yes, I believe so. I wanted to play with APFS when High Sierra first came out, but wasn't willing to let it upgrade my boot SSD, as I've been bitten too many times with Apple willfully breaking APIs that the software I use relies on, so I installed it on an external firewire drive, which, being spinning rust, didn't offer APFS as an option, so I haven't been able to experiment with that yet.

    Now that I've upgraded my boot SSD, I have a spare (currently emergency backup boot) SSD that I could experiment with, but I'm not seeing the point yet, since my hardware is deprecated for Mojave, unless someone comes up with a hack (which I'm sure they will, eventually). I'm more interested in trying the continuity upgrade of the Wifi and bluetooth cards, to see if I can get iPhone/iPad handoff to the iMac working.

  • @anomalaus Thank you for the tip about changing the setting LIB_ITEMS_SERVER_SORT within ~/Library/Application Support/Poser Pro/11/Poser Prefs.

    When I saw the unorganised mess before doing that I had that horrible feeling of, oh no, what have I done by upgrading.

  • @anomalaus said in MacOS Mojave compatibility?:


    Thank you! I have an old Mac, so I had to figure out a couple of things to fix this, but I've succeeded, thanks to your pointer.
    First, for some reason, my library folder was hidden, so I had to google to find out how to unhide it. (Use command-shift-period)
    Then I found LIB_ITEMS_SERVER_SORT was already set to zero, so I changed it to one. Success!

  • @willshetterly good! Thanks for clarifying the actual value of LIB_ITEM_SERVER_SORT as 1 (one) for APFS volume sorting in the library. Hopefully someone can confirm whether an SMB (or Samba) mounted Runtime volume will appear sorted when searching for files in Poser. Unfortunately, SMB mounting will likely be a performance penalty when trying to look at cached renders in sorted order, since the whole ~/Library/Application Support/Poser Pro/11/Render Cache folder itself would need to be shared and mounted. The fruitloopery required to relocate and then mount-in-place the relevant part of Poser's configuration folder hierarchy concerns me, as having great potential for breaking Poser. Until that's done successfully, cached renders won't get sorted on APFS volumes.

  • There is an issue with this file sorting.

    The render previews appear in the correct sequence until you reopen Poser.

    At that point they are in a random sequence and not newest to oldest.

    This is poor! It means that you have to try and remember which was the most recent and find it.

    When developing an image, you have several iterations and it's so hard to find the most recent.

    This has rendered the previews pretty much unusable!

    LIB_ITEMS_SERVER_SORT worked for the content folders, but not the renders.

    I hope they fix this soon.