FBX Import problem (Possibly "Euler Flip/Gimbal lock")

  • Hello everyone!
    This is my desperate attempt at seeking some help as I've been trying to solve this problem by myself for weeks :(

    Long story short, I need to be able to import FBX characters into Poser 11.
    This FBX character was animated in Maya, so it already has animation in it (the point is to import both the geometry and the animation from Maya to Poser using FBX)

    The character imports fine! (geometry and rigging is ok)
    The problem is: the animation curves will randomly "flip" at certain points (rotations will jump 180º or 360º) once I import the character into Poser.
    Here are some examples:
    Another random body part:

    And in some cases, it get's much worse, like in this one:

    This happens on multiple limbs at multiple points in the animation, so manually fixing every limb (and then every rotation axis, one at a time) would not only be very time consuming but it wouldn't be precise, as I'm manually moving keyframes up and down in hopes to fix everything (and the rotations wouldn't be as perfect as they are in the original FBX)

    I've been trying to fix this for quite a long time, and I recently discovered that this COULD be an "Euler Flip / Gimbal Lock" problem...

    It's also worth mentioning that these animation curves are completely fine when I check the FBX file in other 3D software (the curves won't jump up and down like in the images above) This only happens when I import the FBX character to Poser it might have something to do with the Poser's FBX importer...

    I've also tried countless settings, like re-exporting the character from Maya using older versions of the FBX exporter, re-baking the animation during the export, as well as using Autodesk's FBX Converter or other random software to reconvert the FBX I just exported (I got desperate) =P
    I even tried exporting using Collada DAE format, but I doubt that one would be worth the effort as I got into A LOT more problems rather than just animation issues...

    Does anyone have a solution for this? Is there a python script to fix this issue? (Similar to Maya's "Euler Filter" that fixes these exact same problems)
    Or maybe an upcoming Poser update that addresses this problem?

    Thank you for reading!