Tutorial how to improve the Small "almost invisible grey" parameters dot in the Poser ui.

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    Here an easy tutorial on how to improve the visibility of the "little grey" parameters dot.
    Or how to go from . . . to.

    For some Poser versions now we got that small "almost invisible grey dot" in front of a changed parameter in the parameters palette.

    By editing the 25000_Paramerters.psd we can change that little grey dot into something better visible, because when working with figures with lots of morphs, it is sometimes difficult to see what morph or parameter has been activated, and what parameter is not.


    CAUTION : Always make a back-up before editing files, and be sure to store it in a safe way.

    With Poser closed:

    • Navigate to your Poser installation. For a "default" install that will be : c:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime\ui
    • There search for the : 25000_Parameters.psd
    • Open 25000_Parameters.psd and change the small grey dot into Bright Green or any other better visible color you prefer.
    • Save your file with the exact same name.
    • Now copy your new version into its c:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime\ui

    !!!For Windows users that requires having admin rights to write into Windows UAC protected folders. !!!

    AGAIN ! Always make a back-up in case off.

    Start Poser, and any parameter changed will get a clearly visible dot in front of it.

    I choose bright green because Green is "GO", Green is "active" or "activated".

    Best regards, and have fun using the Poser tools.

  • @vilters

    Thank you so much! ~smile~

  • This is brilliant! Thanks a lot. As monitors get bigger and bigger, these details get smaller and smaller. I hope the development team is paying attention here. Maybe I'll tie this page to a brick and toss it through their window. (-:

  • @vilters
    This should find its way into the program of course.
    And, while the Poser devs are at it: can the 'Create custom parameters palette' have a sibling 'create custom parameters palette from non-zero parameters' please?
    It would save us to search the parameters set after loading a pose set.