Poser Pro 11 library problem on Mac

  • I just upgraded my Mac to Mojave and suddenly all my Poser libraries are out of order... nothing is ordered alphabetically anymore. The subfolders are all gone as well. In addition, the renders in the Render panel are no longer listed in chronological order.
    I checked my Runtime folder in Finder and everything is still where it was before the upgrade. This seems to be the only problem I've encountered so far, but it's next to impossible to find anything in my library without doing a search every single time.
    Any suggestions?
    0_1538530341542_Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 7.39.19 PM.png

  • @docmatter I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution, or should I restore my old system?

  • No fix for the recent renders being out of order, but there is a fix for the library that you'll find over on this post.

  • @docmatter , @willshetterly & @Cobra I apologise that I cannot test this directly (no available, external SSD to be formatted as APFS, yet), but it may be possible, though not trivial, to share the folder which contains your runtimes and mount it using SMB, which for High Sierra and above, appears to have some configuration options available to sort the contents when the shared volume is mounted, if I read this article correctly. Once shared and mounted via SMB, you would then need to tell Poser to use the runtimes from the SMB mounted volumes.

    Assuming that it does work, and knowing that it is not an ideal solution, it might still provide a temporary workaround until SMS decide that they may, eventually, add the relevant configuration preference to Poser to overcome this change to macOS' latest versions and filesystem, APFS.

  • Just out of curiosity, would using Samba be a better option than using SMB?

  • @shvrdavid in decades past I would have said surely, Yes! It's been so long since I last had need to mount shared volumes, that I've not played with Samba at all, recently. It certainly might be worth trying.