Poser Devlog

  • Announcing that I will be discussing development of Poser 11.1 and future versions here. This thread will be locked, but check back for updates on a monthly basis.
    We will embark on a new development summary in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  • Some of you may have wondered "What's going on with Poser lately?"

    Version Number Changes
    Firstly, we've done away with Service Release metaphor. We now refer to incremental updates as Maintenance Releases internally. We don't write "SRx" on them, like we used to. Instead, it gets a third digit. This is not entirely a new policy, as 11 was followed by versions 11.0.1 - 11.0.8 before we rolled everything up into 11.1 and planted the new 3D Paths feature.

    Beta Testing Program
    Some of you more passionate and experimentally-minded members of our community may wish to convert to being a beta user. Beta users get early preview releases as an option, but with great power comes great responsibility: we depend on your feedback to help us prepare a public release. If you are interested in inquiring about the Beta program, please send an email to beta@smithmicro.com and tell them where you heard about the Beta Program, and that you'd like to get involved for the Poser product line.

    Upcoming Releases
    The first maintenance release to 11.1 will be 11.1.1 - While I cannot tell you when it will be ready, it's the first thing on my mind in the morning when I arrive at the office. This version is a long time in coming, and has significant fixes and improvements over 11.1 - when we do release this version (hopefully, soon!) I will post the Release Notes here so you can get a feel for what's fixed and what's different.

    Coming Changes to Delivery
    We will be updating the Smith Micro Download Manager soon, but ultimately we want to do away with this process as it has caused headaches for many users. In the hopes of providing you with more options, we are currently working on a web-based solution that we will roll out as soon as it is ready. Stay tuned for more information about this. We hope to solve many problems with this simple and elegant solution. Of course, Smith Micro Download Manager will still be available for some time with legacy versions, but in the future our delivery method should be as simple as visiting a web page and selecting the downloads you'd like. More information on this should become available in the coming weeks.

  • Poser 10 Users
    We have fixed issues with updating Poser 10 on Download Manager. It should work for most users.

    Direct Download Option Coming
    We are also in the process of preparing a "backup plan" if anyone encounters issues with the Smith Micro Download Manager, in the form of a web page where you can download versions of Poser going back to 10 (including 2012, Game Dev, 2014), including granular release notes when available, all documentation and manuals, and the P11 tutorial videos which were previously available as a $5 paid upgrade during purchase of Poser 11. I will announce this when it is fully complete, though we have prepared most of the site at this time.

    Poser 11.1.1 on its way soon
    Poser 11.1.1 is snaking through a Beta process and will also become available before the end of the year 2018. I will post the release notes here when it officially releases, so stay tuned friends.

    Upcoming Changes to Smith Micro Accounts in 2019
    Next year we expect some additional changes to the way software is delivered, landing mid-year. This will add yet another way for you to get your licensed software, assuring no one feels like they've bought something and been given the short end.

    Exciting things happening with Poser Content at Renderosity. Make sure to bop on over there and join a world of content creators. More exciting news will be announced regarding upcoming releases of new Poser 11+ content soon!

  • Without further delay I'm happy to announce a forthcoming free upgrade (maintenance release) of Poser 11.1

    Poser 11.1.1 Revision 35500

    We're ready to launch Poser 11.1.1 ! Except, it's the Holidays and people are on vacation. To increase the likelihood of a smooth release, we've decided to delay until everyone else is back from vacation.

    This version is slated to be released on January 3rd, 2019. It is the culmination of the efforts of multiple teams and developers over a course of 9 months in 2018.

    In 11.1.1 we have a number of stability fixes (about three dozen) and a few enhancements to existing features. This should improve the situation for people who are experiencing difficulties. We also want you to realize that we do listen, and we are trying our best to support you, our users!

    For the user who complained about the units issue with 3D Paths: this enhancement will not be a part of 11.1.1, however it has already been addressed in an upcoming version.

  • Some users have expressed interest in the release notes as a preview of what's coming. To be clear, we'll be releasing 11.1.1 on the Download Manager on January 3rd, 2019.

    Please note that some of the "three dozen" fixes were condensed into a single line item, but may have involved multiple fixes.
    Here is the release notes that will come with it:

    Poser 11.1.1 Enhancements and Fixes by Category

    • Removed Facebook sharing.
    • “Drop to Floor” in Setup Room is no longer disabled.
    • User is now alerted of an error when trying to delete a camera in Python scripting.
    • Removed the “Reopen Folders Toggle” option from the content Library tab.
    • Improved visibility of time range text boxes in the Make Movie window.
    • Right click context menu of an object now only shows “Conform To…” command when relevant.
    • ImportOptions now constructs proper options for Weld Groups.
    • Implemented a new camera property to convert camera orbit values between the limits of -360, 360.
    • Altered the Render and Movie Settings window.
    • The Load Preset is disabled if FireFly or SuperFly have no presets in the User or App preset folder.
    • The Delete preset is dsabled if FireFly or Superfly have no Presets in the user preset folder.
    • Hovering over the Load Preset, Delete Preset, and Render Dimensions now produce a help text tag.
    • Removed “Send Render To” button
    • When a light in the Light Control widget is selected it can now be deleted with the DELETE key.
    • Red circle in the setup room can now be removed via Display -> Figure Circle

    • Content Updater now provides Paulina/Paul 2.
    Queue Manager (Pro Only)
    • The correct Queue Manager Node installer is now available via Download Manager
    • Queue Manager now properly invokes FFRender

    Bug Fixes
    • Poser no longer crashes when using Auto Generate Colors button in Flash Export option. when making custom color quantizations.
    • Poser no longer crashes when changing to Preview Rendering when auto-generating colors for the Flash Options Dialog.
    • Poser no longer crashes when “DeleteAllLights” is used.
    • Prop name now properly displays on the Parameter Dials.
    • 3D Path Palette is now shown in the German and Japanese version.
    • Poser no longer crashes when Optimize Simple Materials is turned on.
    • Fixed defect in 3D Paths “second path” not working properly when copy/pasted.
    • Fixed defect where 3D path stays selected and blocks the use of keyboard shortcut to toggle the scene.

  • Poser 11.1.1 has been released.