CSP Mac needs a Window Frame

  • I can't stand the user interface on mac. I hate that every palette and tool setting is it's own separate window that floats freely from everything else. I want it to have a window frame, like photoshop.

    Apparently you can enable this on Windows, but for SOME REASON you can't on Mac, and that makes me really upset. It's literally the ONE THING that is keeping me from dumping Photoshop entirely and moving over to CSP, but the User Interface is absolutely AWFUL in my opinion so I can't.

    The Command Bar sits on top of everything else, and you can't move it around, meaning it's hiding the top part of all of my palette bars, and all of the palettes auto-hide whenever I click over to a different application.

    It's especially horrible because I'm using a Cintiq tablet that has it's own screen. I had to jump through so many hoops just to get the program to move to that window, and it's still a pain in the butt.

    Please, just give us the option for a windows style application frame.

  • @demonskunk Im not a Mac user and i quitt PS after adobe made it a progamm on demand.
    I have made a quick search in the internet and i would make a rather radical suggestion to solve this problem...what about an windows installation via boot camp?
    After all you as Mac user can have it both ways, a quite comfortable situation i think.
    As far as i know the time of Mac as the first, if not only choice for graphic designer is over. And if i remember correctly, win 10 is free for mac maschines.

  • I might misunderstand you...

    but every palette can be docked/grouped together.


  • @micmac So that I can move them all around at once?

    How do you do that?

    @marco Running boot camp messes with my entire workflow. I can't switch between my mac apps and my windows apps seamlessly. I have a Windows computer, but last time I had to use that, Wacom's drivers caused wavy horrible lines, and I just don't like dealing with it.

  • some of it can be seen here

    It on an iPad but its identical on the desktop version