NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 GPU Render

  • The title about says it all - is anyone else using this card and able to render with the GPU?

    I have the latest drivers 375.86 and I have never been able to render via the GPU, it always seems to crash out with an out of memory error - I haven't worried about it up to now as I have 32 gig of ram so using processor wasn't an issue - am I not holding my mouth correctly or is this card too low end for GPU Render?

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    The memory limitation is likely referring to VRAM (video card onboard memory), not to the system RAM. GPU renders are limited by this.

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    @tastiger I have a gtx 970 with 4gb of onboard ram and I can't do gpu rendering either.

    You need the big work station cards for gpu rendering and those run about $1200 each give or take.

  • @AmbientShade I thought that may be the case, although I had read where some were having success with "lower end" cards of about 4gb.

    I'm happy to stick with the cpu for rendering.

  • @tastiger if you are rendering some massive scene with 40 figures, clothing, architecture/props you wont make it. 1 or 2 figure renders might work.

  • I have a 4 GB GTX 960 card and it works with GPU rendering in Superfly, but not if Branched Path Tracing is enabled. Try choosing one of the GPU Presets from the button on the bottom of the render settings dialogue...

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    What wandw said - turn off Branched Path Tracing
    You need to adjust your pixels samples to compensate; set it to at least 10 or preferably higher if you use SSS.
    If you have a single NVidia card, it will share GPU memory with other apps and the OS, so you may not have as much as you GPU memory as you think you have. Google for GPU-Z for a tool which shows you the actual memory usage for GPU.

    With regards to speed in GPU mode, higher bucket size is better (I use 256), but be aware that it uses more memory.

  • @tastiger

    Hi there

    depends if yours GTX770 is 2GB or 4GB, with 2GB you should be able to at least render simple scene with 1-2 V4 and few props, nothing massive, keep yours eyes open and have opened GPU-Z and always check if message log in Poser flr any error

    If you can't render simple scene, like construct then something is wrong and usually this can be down to the CUDA errors or TDR which if you search over here you will find best way how to counter this, in my case I switched to Win7 and no more errors in rendering

    Hi there

    With GTX970 you should be render pretty much as this GPU does have 4GB

    Did you check message log in Poser if you are getting any errors, can you check Event Viewer in Windows if you don't have error "driver stopped responding and has recovered" during the rendering or if you can can you check VRAM usage with GPU-Z?

    Hope this helps


  • @wandw said in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 GPU Render:

    I have a 4 GB GTX 960 card and it works with GPU rendering in Superfly, but not if Branched Path Tracing is enabled. Try choosing one of the GPU Presets from the button on the bottom of the render settings dialogue...

    You are right - all of you! I loaded Alisha2 by herself and turned off Branched Path Tracing in GPU Extreme High Quality and it works!

    Thanks All!

  • Just for info mine is the 4gb variety of card

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    Interesting. I hadn't tried that before.
    But even on the highest settings it still looks grainy. I'll have to experiment more with lights and better skins i suppose.

  • @AmbientShade When I do a "studio" lighting setup with three area lights and the construct I get a decent render by setting BPT to ON, all branches at 1 and main samples at 15. If I turn off BPT I have to crank up the main samples to about 60 to get the same clean results and this means the render will take hours instead of a few minutes.

  • @AmbientShade

    Hi there

    I would try to render at least to 30 samples if you do simple render, for some interior renders I need to render up to 50-80 samples

    I will try to post my render settings later on

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • @ghostship

    Hi there

    BPT works with CPU, but sadly not with GPU, although can works in some cases, as I've tried to render with BPT and this has been hit and miss in my case

    With GPU best is to render without BPT and samples depends on lots of factors, simple scene 30-50 samples and more complex or interior 50-80 samples is or should be enough, in few renders I needed to render up to 110 samples, at 90 samples picture has been OK, but I just wanted to be sure due this I rendered that so long

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

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    OR - you can turn ON Progressive Refinement (BPT off) and set samples to 10000. Cancel the render when you think it is good enought and it will preserve the current render.
    Progressive Refinement is also very useful if you are experimenting with lighting or in combination with area render very useful for testing materials in a scene.

    This is how Octane works and it is an incredible time saver setting a scene up with lights and materials

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    Yeah that's why I don't do much rendering, it takes too long and ties up my machine which I can't afford to do most days. I'll have to set it to render while I'm gone or sleeping and hope its produced something decent when I get back. It usually doesn't. Or just buy another pc for rendering which I can't afford right now. Who knows when. Poser needs an affordable render farm.