I think I figured something out, but I could use some advice

  • 0_1539143221296_bodysuit.png

    I created this bodysuit for Miki 4 awhile back. It only has one material zone, but I wanted to create different material zones as well as create different bump maps for different sections, all without the pain of grouping a very high poly mesh after the fact.

    What I came up with was this:
    0_1539143334779_Node setup.png
    Is this a good shader? I am making a lot of progress with shaders. I am slowly starting to understand the math, which is nice.
    By the way, it's a Superfly shader. I don't render in Firefly anymore...

  • The only maps I had to create were the masks for the different sections of the suit so I could isolate them and give them different colors and textures.

  • If it works for you it is good.
    I do not see drastic things you could improve.

  • @fverbaas No, I guess not. The only thing I come away with this setup is that you can't really tweak the numbers too much, or it doesn't work right at all.
    Masks are pretty cool, though:

  • I got this far, so I kept going. The shader is starting to get pretty loaded...
    0_1539160862692_bodysuit update.png

  • 0_1539161002068_shader update.png

  • @rokketman I'm surprised you're not using Blender nodes, which use the mask to gate (or blend) the two input textures. Your diffuse colour would then consist of a blender combining Suit Color Blue and Symbol color, gated by Symbol mask, feeding into a second blender node with Suit Color Light Blue and gated by Bodysuit Mask 2, so seven (7) nodes instead of the nine (9) you have to do that now.

  • @anomalaus I'm still learning this stuff. I can't mess with cycles right now. Besides the fact that I can't really tell what each node does, they show as pure white in preview, and I can't tell if I am doing it right...

  • @rokketman ha ha, I anticipated that confusion, but foolishly did nothing about it. No, the blender node is not cycles, it was present when Poser was FireFly only.
    0_1539165360318_Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.55.32 pm.png
    The texture masks plug into the Blending input, with a 1 (white) fully selecting input_2 and 0 (black) fully selecting Input_1.

  • @anomalaus Oh, that... yeah, I know about it, but it wasn't giving me the effect I was going for, so I went with the math node.

  • @rokketman ah, I see. Without seeing any of your masks, which I assumed were either black or white, it's hard to judge what the outcome of all those multipy and add nodes will be. On closer inspection, you still have add functions combining Suit Color Blue with the masked Symbol, unless the Suit Color Blue map has black where the Symbol will be.

    Anyway, as @fverbaas said, it's fine if it works for you. :-)

    From your posted shader, it appears that everything is getting the metallic specular treatment, moderated only by the brightness of the diffuse colours.

  • @anomalaus It is. I like the look of it. I could take it off, but I want her costume to pop.
    Ignore the boots in this. I got lazy and used boots I made to fit over a one piece jumper. I will model some better ones later on:

  • I fixed her boots. Now I have to see about that awful cape.
    0_1539186291336_New Supergirl.jpg

  • I am done messing with this now. Time to move on to other projects.
    @anomalaus I will try your suggestion with the Blender node on a future project and let you know how I get on.

    0_1539192837071_The New Supergirl.jpg

  • 0_1539194268012_comparison.png
    Okay. Side by side comparison. The one on the left is using Blender nodes. There are 9 total nodes attached to the Physical Surface node. The metallic set to .5
    The one on the right is my original shader, with 15 nodes attached to the physical surface nose and the metallic set to .5

  • @rokketman yes, the light blue section has its diffuse colour value boosted beyond the unity implied by the texture by using an unmasked add node of the blue colour, rather than adding in masked blue to Color_Math_6:Value 2. If you'd added another Color_Math node there, multiplying Suit Color Blue by (1 - Symbol Mask - Bodysuit Mask 2) you'd get the same as the non-cycles Blender node version. The Symbol colour is also getting boosted by blue in that Color_Math_6 addition.

  • @rokketman if you did want the brighter versions of the light blue and symbol, I'd be boosting them with an HSV2 node, with the blended colours plugged into the color chip and a value greater than 1 in the value input. If you actually plugged the blue colour map into the HSV2 value input, that should give you the same level of boost you see with your add nodes, but without actually changing the hue.

  • @anomalaus Good to know. And you said there wasn't anything I needed to change... ;)

  • @rokketman well, my OCD may not equate with your irresistible urges. "These are not the needs you're looking for. You can go about your business. Move along..." ;-) [invisible hand gesture and unmistakable English accent omitted because reasons.]

  • @anomalaus Everyone has their own demons to conquer. Mine just happen to be harmful only to me (up until 2AM tweaking a pose or a shader, or lighting...)