Underwater Surface Plane Atmosphere and Lights... [LANGUAGE & NUDITY]

  • Hello folks,

    Excuse me for being blunt here, but I'm stressed. You know me... I call a spade a spade.
    How impossible does it have to be to create an underwater scene? Everything I've tried making myself, copied from forums and tutorials and everything I've bought... well, it's all completely crap! Seriously, I've had enough... I can just about create an 'endless' looking atmosphere which can resemble a deep ocean, but everything else seems stupidly impossible. Gel lights I can never get right, due to their reaction to the atmosphere, character or both and the gel light's image map size or tiling and the underside of the water surface is a total and utter swine to get right.

    Someone must have managed this, surely... they MUST HAVE, DAMMIT!!!

    Ok, so here is a raw render featuring Annie in the pool and it's the best I've managed to get. It's still a long way off, especially in terms of lighting. I'm actually trying to ultimately create an endless depth to the ocean and have the rays streaming down vertically over her body, with her close to breaking the water surface... oh, and she'll be a mermaid. My thinking is that, so long as I can get this all right in one scene and use a dome of roughly the same size as the pool area here for the ocean atmosphere to use, it should work out pretty similar... hopefully. I would show you the project I was just working on with the ocean scene instead of the pool scene, but it crashed before I saved, because bollocks.

    Could someone help me, please? PLEEEEASE?! I can't even rip my hair out because I've got none. :(

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  • @glen85 Hm, what about the material nodes and render settings? Should we guess?
    No, im kidding...but you should post the settings, if you are want a helping hand.
    Over all, your picture seems quite nice. I'm curious what we will made out of it.

  • What do you think about this?
    0_1539295067532_Swimming pool.jpg
    I build a pool out of a box without the top vertex, put a high dense plane ontop, reversed all normals and imported the thing as OBJ file into poser.
    The box has a simple tile node with bump and reflection.
    The top is a physics node with an fresnel blender and a glassBSDF.
    The scene has a single spotlight at 200%, harsh shadows 0,2%.
    Thats pretty much it.
    Is this in the right direction?

  • @marco what I found, for pool scenes, especially if you want volumetrics, is to have the water volume intersect and extend beyond the pool's sides. Volumetrics renders seem to be very sensitive to prop scaling, since that affects the density calculations, so if possible, avoid scaling the water prop if you want volumetrics. Good caustics render, btw.

    I didn't find any advantage, with a single material, closed volume water prop, to reversing normals for underwater shots.
    0_1539296668561_Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.25.47 pm.png
    Note: no water surface deformation applied in this RayTrace Preview, so no caustics were formed. Both volumetric absorption and scatter applied.

    @Glen85 I've not played with underwater God Rays yet, which I presume to be the interaction between surface created caustics and volumetric scatter. It's on my to-do list.

    I, too, have my frustrations with unexpected crashes forfeiting hours of work. Despite having auto-save enabled, it only seems to engage if the system's been idle for a sufficient time, which is rarely, if ever, the case when I'm focused on a project and actually making progress. Then I click on a previous frame and BOOM! Not even a bomb crater left to pick through for survivors. D-X It's forced me to adopt the habit of incremental, manual saves of every single change. Utterly tedious and zone/flow breaking! Not to mention the current inability of Poser to accurately reload a scene the way it was saved!

  • @anomalaus iirc @Glen85 is rendering in FF.

  • @anomalaus I reversed the normals, because the camera is inside the prop.
    If the normals face to the outside, reflection, fresnel effects, texures with bump are outside the pool.

  • @marco I'm not so sure about that, because then you'd need to invert the IOR, or your refracted rays will bend the wrong way at the transition between water and air. Whenever IOR is quoted for a material (surface), it's assumption is that of a ratio between air (whose IOR of 1.0003 is virtually indistinguishable from vacuum whose IOR is exactly 1) and the "enclosed" volume (in the opposite direction from the surface normals). Reversing the normals would be correct for an air bubble within the water, but not for a submerged camera position. The renderer knows from the surface normals which side is inside and which is outside.

  • @ghostship Ah! My apologies to @Glen85 for confusing the issue. SF and volumetrics will be irrelevant for FireFly.

  • @anomalaus Did i mention that the Prop is a single sided one?
    I could be wrong, i will test it with another prop. Result will be posted.

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    I am on airplanes today. Can answer questions tomorrow.

  • @bagginsbill good flight, hope the movie is not that boring.

  • Hello folks,

    Sorry I've been away, unwell again and still not doing too great. Thank you for all the replies etc, I'll get back on it when I'm feeling up to it. BB, that looks really good, I had a browse through that forum thread on Renderosity, very interesting!

    Just to note that I don't have any of my mermaid ocean scene info now because it killed the lot and I haven't been up to trying again. This happens far too often, where I really want to do something but then get unwell and can't face doing it for weeks on end. :(

  • @glen85 the great thing about the diversity in this forum, is that you will find understanding and support from others with similar growing experiences.

    Hoping your health, inspiration and motivation return apace and amplified.