Dynamic strand hair on subdivided actor behaviour

  • It's obvious that the Poser developers have put a lot of thought into, and gone to a lot of trouble to deliver a useful and workable dynamic strand hair solution for Poser, including the addition of the Bullet Physics Solver to the existing Legacy Solver. The fact that morphs of the underlying base actor are also applied to the strand hair itself is an extremely useful feature.

    In light of that feature, though, I wonder whether the same should be expected of subdivision applied to the base actor upon which the hair is grown, but does not currently appear to be the case.

    I have turned a freely available ear protector prop from ShareCG into a set of winter ear muffs, articulating the ear pieces and morphing the headband to allow for different head sizes, as well as growing some strand hair on the ear pieces to represent fur. All well and good. However, when I decided to subdivide the ear pieces to give a more rounded shape, the strand hair continued to delineate the profile of the unsubdivided prop.
    0_1539406191849_Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 3.37.19 pm.png
    The ear piece on the left of the image (Andy2's right "ear" [he doesn't actually have any ears, LOL]) has had the subdivision preview set back to zero, while the other ear piece shows the rounded, level 1 subdivision profile, but the unsubdivided strand hair profile identical to the other side.

    Am I expecting too much, or is this worth requesting such a feature, to bring subdivision into line with applied morph behaviour for strand hair?