Good Printer ScreenTones

  • Hello guys. I would like to buy a good printer cause i try to print my manga with screentones which i use in CSP. I would like a good printer to have results close to publisher's printers, i don't mean the exact result as the professional printers but to have an idea how it will looks. I have an old Samsung ML-2251N laser printer and here an example of its performances
    I would like to recommend some ideal printers.
    Thank you very much.

  • @abe32 Your publisher is likely to be printing via an offset litho press (or a digital equivalent such as an HP Indigo) so you won't be able to replicate their output exactly.

    Your current laser printer seems to be doing an OK job and if you're only printing black I'd stick with it, but consider using higher quality paper.

    Otherwise look for a Canon or Epson printer that has proofing capability and the ability to print at a high dot count: for example some Epson printers go up to 5760dpi.