Transparent background in an animation with superfly Poser Pro 11 Pro

  • I was making a movie with Adobe Premiere and I would like to import an animation made with Poser 11 Pro superfly, but I cant' sort out how to make transparent the background. I unchecked the ground, I tried to make it trasparent in the material room, but nothig the background is still there and I have to use Adobe to make it transparent. Can someone tell me if it's possible to have a transparent background in a Poser animation as I had in Poser 14? I tried also rendering the frames as png images, but it's killing me since I have plenty of frames and characters (each one needing a different rendering). Thank you very much. Flavia

  • Premiere has a green screen effect thing-a-ma-bob in it, right? If you film people on a green screen then you caould put in a background afterward. Should be able to render in Poser over green or blue and do the same thing.

  • I save each frame as a tiff file, that way the alpha info is in each frame.

  • Dear ghostship, yes putting the characters in a green or bue background works, I tried it, but sometimes I got a green or blue halo, I just liked to know if there is a direct way in poser. My problem is: I've to make an animation for a museum in Italy and the scene is an Etruscan banquet (see attach). My PC can't manage renderering all those characters moving and animating, so I thought to make an animation for every character then put the animations in Premiere as "layers" and get the movie done. As you can see in this case saving each frame as tiff AND putting every one of them in 'premiere, cropping the image to a single frame (Premiere by default trasforms a still image into 24 frames) is a terrific work. If nobody has a better suggestion I think I'll do it with a green background or with Poser 14 that allowed me to make animations with transparent background. Anyway if it's impossible to get transparent backgrounds in Poser 11 Pro, I think it's an issue that I'd like be "fixed". Thank you. 0_1479487181712_etruschi1a.jpg