Bridge between Marvelous Designer and Poser about to be launched

  • @f_verbaas MD macOS Python support when?

  • @anomalaus
    Answer from MD support on 20 September: 'Dev. team is working on it but we cannot guarantee a release date'
    Sorry. Heard this after a week of trying in vain to get it working.

  • @fverbaas I guarantee they're getting no help from Apple ;-)

  • Great contribution, this will speed up scene to scene work tremendously.

  • @f_verbaas I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what this does......correct me if I'm wrong, but your bridge will allow the MD user to create the garment, then sim it in MD and send the entire sim to the same model as the MD avatar to Poser and render?

    What the bridge will do is allow the MD user to make the most of the better cloth sim engine in MD?

    Also, can you upload to ShareCG for those of us who have no Renderosity account? Or here, perhaps?

  • @anomalaus
    Maybe write to and tell them you are interested in having Python support on MAC.
    That was the idea. Thank you
    You are right. The idea is to run MD as the tailor's shop/sim room of the 'client' Poser. MD and Poser are complementary. The Poser clothroom is well beyond it's fresh date and Poser does not have content creation facilities. On the other hand Poser offers (surprise!) posing of figures, a content library, scenery, and notable render engines. MD on the other side has none of these Poser strongholds but has a 'cloth room' well above any league and has dedicated content creation facilities.

    For distribution my original idea was to use CP as the launching platform, if only because it gives me direct access and allows keeping track of who downloaded it even if the deal is at $0.00. I can place it there but it would be only for a few weeks.
    Renderosity gives wider exposure however and since there is a special MD forum there that can host the discussions and questions, my choice is for Rendo. With the 'protocols' in place, it is well possible that someone will write a bridgehead for DS. I have been looking into that but that script language they use frightens me off.

    Anyway I will try to get it uploaded tonight.

  • Uploaded to Rendo Freestuff now.
    Let's see what they come up with ...

  • Approved!
    alt text

    Responses are welcome here but I think it is for the sake of all best to concentrate feedback, questions and discussions on the Marvelous Designer forum at Renderosity.

  • One hint:
    The bridge works also with the 30 days free trial licenses.
    You can try now for 30 days with present version 7.5
    They announced MD version 8. New versions come with a public Beta.
    Unless thy change policies, MD 8 will allow you a new 30 days free trial.
    Leaves you covered for 2 months at least.

  • @f_verbaas said in Bridge between Marvelous Designer and Poser about to be launched:

    Leaves you covered for 2 months at least.

    Not entirely true. It may be less than 30 days now before MD 8 comes out.
    Nevertheless, time is ticking out.
    The longer you wait, the less free time you will have.
    (... dutchman says, LOL!)