• I wanted to know if there was a way to delete certain pieces off of a imported model like if a model came with a cape but i wanted to get rid of the cape itself, is it possible to get rid of item pieces individually in poser? 0_1540041411579_Screenshot_25.png Like in this image would it be possible for me to remove just the gauntlet on the arm inside of poser or would i have to do it within another program?

  • @shadowofabyss first thing I'd say is that it looks like a fairly simple model and the gauntlet/clothing is part of the figure. If you delete that you'll have a big hole on the figure's wrist.

  • Either:
    Set the transparency channels in the shaders of the parts you want to disappear to 1.0 to make them transparent (use a transparency map, black= invisible, white = visible), or,
    Use group tool to delete the facets you do not want.(Poser Pro only)

  • @ghostship I remember importing a tekken model a few months back and was able to remove the models gloves although everything was all together on the model, the reason i want to know if i can remove certain parts is cause its hard to rigg the thigh on the model in the pic above cause the cape is blocking my view of the polygons in the back part of the legs of the model to select as a bone group. That's why i wanted to know if there's a way to remove polygons in depth like in maya 3ds max in poser or not.

  • @fverbaas I have the poser pro version, how would i go about doing that do i need to go to the material room? Cause if i can make selected areas transparent or invisible that would be better. The model is whole object so i dont know how to separate areas i want to work with/on.

  • You do it in the pose room, using the grouping tool. Select the prop (or body part of a figure). Open the group tool pallet. Create a new group. Select the polygons you want to remove, and click the delete polygons button on the grouping tool pallet. Some props already have groups and you can use an existing one if it has what you want and nothing else. You also might be able to use the material groups to help you select what you want. But a word of caution. This is not undoable. Once it's done, it's done. I've also had uvmaps change when I've done this. Save the scene before deleting polygons.

  • Redphantom described option 2, remove the vertices.
    To use option 1: (make them invisible by transparency):
    If the polys you do not want to see are a specific material go to material room and click on one of the vertices you want to disappear. The material room will then show the shader of that bit. In the root shader(it will be Posersurface most likely) set specular to 0.0 and transparency and transparency edge to 1.0.
    If the polys you do not want to see are not a separate material, make a new group, select polys, and assign them to a new material, that you make transparent the way I described above.
    This option is more work but it is reversible.
    Problem is both work on full polys only. Transparency map is even more work but you can trim the surface very accurately.

  • @redphantom yep that was the magic i was looking for thank you, is there a way to make grouped polygons invisible or transparent uaing the group tool?

  • No, you can't. you can use the group tool to change the material zone and then set up a transparency in the material room. Just use the same steps as above but rather than click on delete polygons, use assign material and type in the new material name and click ok.