Making a mirror to really reflect light on objects (FireFly)

  • @karina I'm glad you got it working.

  • @karina seems like a common theme. Every time I have to trim down a scene to the point where I can package it up to upload to SMS support, it reaches a point where the problem can't be recreated with that scene.

    Most of my problematic scenes are 1.2-1.3GB uncompressed, with 50+ figures. Too big to even upload directly on the support site. D-X

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    Corrupted data is a common problem in Poser. Once your scene is messed up, a prop or figure often behaves differently than the same loaded freshly into a new scene. Happens to me more often now than in the Poser 12 era.

    As a tactic to avoid wasting time, when something appears to work counter to my expectations, I immediately start a new scene and repeat my steps. If the new scene still misbehaves, I upload it straight away to mantis with a bug report to SM.

  • Ah , thank you @bagginsbill!
    I already suspected this for some time, but couldn't find any proof of it yet.
    Good to know it's not just me.

  • It took me a while and in the end a remake of my mirror prop, but I now have a very usable mirror. Thank you to all who contributed to this post.