Dublicate a whole folder or multi objects

  • Hello
    Is it pssible to dubplicate a whole folder parant structur oder multi objects in obe step? I alway must dublicate every single object and reparent them.


  • @joker
    You can select the subset you want to duplicate and save it to the props library. Use a temporary folder.
    However, this won't work with lights.

    If you want to save many different objects (props, lights, cameras, figures, you need a barebone parent figure like the "401 UNIVERS" figure from SASHA's Toolbox.
    Parent everything to the BODY, called "UKRAINA" XD

    In your case, it's enough to parent "Stele LH 2" to "UKRAINA" and all the children of it will be parented with it.
    Then save the whole figure to the figure library.

    Now each time you load that figure, all objects you saved with it will load too, with the correct parent/children relations.

    Hope that helped,


  • Here's the link for the figure:

  • @karina Thank you very much. I will try this way :-)