Techno Tabby V4 A4 Elite - gloves

  • Well, Google has been next to useless, which is strange as I'm sure this must have popped up by now, especially with how long ago this came out. Anyway, this is what happens to the Techno Tabby V4 gloves in Poser.

    Strange thing is, I dug up DAZ Studio 3 today to test, and bizarrely this isn't an issue at all in it, even with extreme posing of the hands, and yet in Poser I'm getting this. So I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever use this in Poser, was there ever a fix put out there?

  • There's a fix, but I couldn't guess what to call it to help with a search.
    Determine which body part and rotation (there may be more than one) are really affected by moving Vicky. (hands or forearms in this case) Select that part on the gloves. Open your joint editor window. Select the rotation (bend, twist, side to side) on the window. In the prop list, select the inner mat sphere and enlarge it a little at a time until the distortion is gone. As I said you might need to work with multiple rotations. Then copy the rig symmetry to the other side. In PP2014 (P10) and earlier, it's a popup window under the pose symmetry. You can also just repeat what you did on the first side.

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    Correct. V4 is rigged in the traditional way, with inner and outer ( green and red) influence zones.
    Some of the gloves vertex fall outside of those zones and all you have to do is open the joint editor, select the problematic bend and enlarge the zone required so that all of the gloves vertices are covered. => You will see them "pop" into place..

    Best regards, Tony

  • what @redphantom and @vilters said:
    This is exactly what you need to do to fix the problem.

    Play around with the xyz position and scaling of the MatSpheres.
    Just save your scene prior to your experiments so you have a fallback.

    Why this works differently in D|S and Poser I don't know, but I guess it's a problem with Poser because the same thing happens if you "Copy Joint Zones From..." in weightmapping:
    On certain pieces of clothing you have to edit the weight maps.
    (I found this most frequently in shoes which have a toe actor, and the toe actor's front tip stays glued to the ground if you move the toes)


  • Thank you @redphantom, @vilters, and @karina.
    I did think that might have been the case initially, as while I've never had this kind of thing happen with purchased products for their correct figures, when converting from one figure to another using Wardrobe Wizard this was common. But the spheres don't seem to be influencing the glove ends form what I can see.

    Also strange, when looking for those spheres I saw under body parts there is lCoat1 & rCoat1, very strange body parts for a set of gloves. Does anyone else have this set? Could these be causing an issue in Poser while not in DS?