Multiple Figures Walking

  • Hey all,

    I'm working on a film project that will require multiples of figures walking and the goal is to make them look somewhat individual rather than something like a lock-step military cadence. They'll be ascending and descending trails in the forest and the hope is that we'll be able to have around 10-15 figures per scene (3 separate scenes total). They'll range in figure types from adults to children but I was thinking of keeping them low-ploy (if that makes a difference) and was going to render them out individually and re-composite them in post. The scenes will last anywhere from 2-5 seconds, so we're not talking a lot of frames, but I was hoping to maximize render time by having a few figures in the scene at a time. I'm about to delve into Walk Designer for the first time and wanted to know if it would be more efficient to render one figure at a time or can Poser 11 Pro handle multiple figures over 10. I just wanted to see if this raises any red flags and/or if I'm heading for hell. Let me know if you need additional info regarding this attempt and I'll be happy to supply answers. Thanks in advance!

  • If I was doing a scene like that I would set it all up in one scene then see if it renders. If it doesn't, then hide figures and go the composite route.

    How much you can cram into one scene also depends on the computer running it. If the scene doesn't start to use the swap file it may be fine.

  • @shvrdavid - Thanks for the replay. I was able to get a total of 5 figures - some lo res - to occupy a single scene, but it was slooooow in rendering, even at the lowest settings. Thus, I had to go the composite route and had to compromise some lighting and shadows, but the overall effect is passable for our needs.