Importing 3DS models

  • So, I'm new to poser, and I was trying to make some props I could use in it. I made a couple things in Google Sketchup and exported them as 3ds models, then got them into poser. That all works fine, and the textures show up and everything, but none of the models have any back, as in, looking from the front its perfectly normal, but if you look directly from the back, you cannot see the model at all. I can't understand why this is happening, its happened now on 2 models I've made, both of which have textured faces in Sketchup.

    Any help appreciated.

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    If you are viewing the backside of polygons, they will not show in preview.

    Have you tried rendering (either Firefly or Superfly) the model?

    If it is an issue of backfacing polys, you can set the preview renderer to show them.
    Click Render : render settings and select the preview tab. Un-tick the box shown (green outline).
    0_1479564781587_P11 preview - remove backfacing polys.PNG

    If that doesn't solve the problem, then post a screenshot of the preview (maybe front, side, and back).

  • This sounds to me as you have the normals in your 3d model inverted, you have to invert them before import the 3ds in Poser.

    You can use wings3d free tool to do that (

    In wings3d, import the 3ds file, select the model, right click and clik in "invert", them export the 3d model and import the result in Poser.

  • If it's the normal facing the wrong way, in the Poser material room you can simply click the Normals_Forward button on the PoserSurface tab - you don't need to go into another program to do it.

    You can also force Poser to display backfacing Polys (similar to seac's option) on a per object basis by selecting the object, clicking the properties tab, then scrolling down to Remove backfacing Polys, and change it to Force Show Backfacing Polys.

  • If the normals are facing the wrong way, and it's a prop, you can easily flip them in poser. Select the prop. Open the grouping tool. Create a new group. Add all. Hit reverse group normals.