Broken Characters

  • Has anyone ever run into a situation where characters have broken geometry after a save? I've attached some screen grabs to show a before and after project save. Nothing was changed nor were the files moved. Everything is running off of my local drive. I'm running Poser 11 Pro on an 2017 iMac (4k) with OZX 10.3.6.

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    Frustrated To No End

    0_1540583895872_Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.51.30 PM.png
    0_1540583911392_Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.47.04 PM.png

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    Hi, yes, this is a scene from your animation, right?
    The character did not break but the clothing became unwelded at the vertex groups.

    Cause : Pooly build or unrepaired clothing with double vertex at all welds between all vertex groups, and during the save, the double vertex fell outside of the re-weld merge margins. Commonly this issue is known as "weld cracks".

    See this video for more practical information about the issue.

    To repair?

    • Take the clothing obj into Blender (or equivalent) and remove all double vertex at all welds.
    • Resave that properly vertex grouped and fully welded obj file under a new name.
    • Load in Poser and re-rig (or you can use the fitting room in PoserPro11)
    • Repair (rename) as per video.
    • Use that clothing in animations to prevent vertex group splitting during an animation.

    Best regards, Tony

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    @vilters ... a much better response than my "Report it to SM" one over at Rendo. Good going!!

  • That's more that a clothing issue. The arms and legs clearly have come apart too. I would double check the bends on all the joints. This is what I get when I turn off the bends on Simon.


  • redphantom wins today's Mystery Prize!!! Bends were deactivated somehow when visibility was turned off. Thank you!!!

  • @egonspengler much appreciating your user name's shout out to "Ghost Busters" X-D. When I saw the first image, I thought "Ooh! The StayPuft Marshmallow Man's in disguise as a tree!" ;-)

    Nice scene composition, BTW!