brush is lagging and sputters

  • My brush is lagging and frequently releases clumps of ink (so to speak) in a sputtering fashion. I am using mac book pro 2018 with wacom cintiq 13 HD with VAVA dongle.
    all firmware updated and have used different brand of dongles with same result. At first, i'm fine without any problem. It's usually towards the end of the day (after say 5 hours of usage) that I get this problem. I've restarted the computer and still problem exisits. anyone else have they same issue? Thanks.

  • I should also add it almost feels like my pen suddenly and abruptly disconnects and reconnects

  • Actually now I'm thinking it's Mojave that's the root of this. my ipad and older imac is having no problem with this. Anyone have the same experience?