Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+

  • Yeah, I know, but these aren't the normal ones.

    1. The library. I'd like the option to have list, tree and extended details as three columns. There is little point having a massive white space below with almost no visible information (the current extended details screen), nor any advantage in having larger and clearer icons. Using a 'widescreen' monitor and having three columns I could have a decent image in extended details (maybe 500 x 500) and still see the info beneath it without scrolling too much. This is about real estate on the screen being wasted for some monitors.

    2. Shadow cameras. Currently in the cameras list they occur at the bottom until you add a new camera. Then the new camera goes below the shadow cameras. If you add twenty lights, you end up having to scroll right to the bottom of all those shadow cameras (that I have never, ever used) before you get the the cameras you added because you actually wanted them. I'm asking to make sure the shadow cameras stay at the BOTTOM of the list; default cameras, added cameras, shadow cameras...

    If either of these is achievable WITHOUT purchasing someone else's library system, let me know.

  • For me, it's SuperFly rendering in Background and fixing the procedural texture nodes, so that SuperFly and FireFly look about the same.

  • Content library as external binary.
    Faster search..and only what you are looking for.
    Seems indexing in progress takes forever..

  • I would like the Library Icons to remain The Size I set them for, when I Shut Down and Open PP11 again. Presently I have to Reset The Library Icon sizes every time I reopen PP11.

  • @dead_reckoning said in Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+:

    I would like the Library Icons to remain The Size I set them for, when I Shut Down and Open PP11 again. Presently I have to Reset The Library Icon sizes every time I reopen PP11.

    Me too

    1. I always find scrolling up/down the Hierarchy window trying to parent one prop to another a bind. Or trying to find where the posing camera has gone when 'pointing' your figure's eyes at it. Can we have a search bar facility in the window? you know type in first few letters and hit return, take you to that line.
    2. Is it possible to specify the start an end frames for motion blur effects in rendering. e.g. motion blur between frame 24 and 36 in a scene.
      (Still images not animation frames)

  • Here's another one.
    What about allowing polygon reduction on props as well as figures? Very useful for props imported from other software etc.

  • @Schack13 Pretty sure I've done that... convert to unimesh rigging first?

  • @Schack13 Agreed. Search in hierarchy, collapse open groups, arrange hierarchy window to stretch into multiple columns and occupy as much screen as we want.

  • Frankly, among other things, I'd really like to see visible cameras and lights. I don't want them to render, just appear in the camera view. I also know there are workarounds, but I don't want to work around it.

  • #1 is sluggish performance on the Mac with my Wacom tablet. controls lag and spin way too far if you move the stylus too quickly upon release. It makes workflow slow and painful. It's like loading a genesis character with more than one piece of clothing....

    #2 more transparent control of CUDA performance tuning. I am interested in buying NVDIA graphics card, but want confidence that it is a good investment. Reports so far indicate that Poser performance is a middle of the road configuration that works well with middle of the road NVDIA card. The high cost cards work worse than middle cost cards. But it is not a control exposed to users. I'd like more control, or different profiles that change performance characteristics depending on what card you use.

  • I'd like to see them implement my idea for how to improve rendering with SuperFly. Here's what I suggested:

    I was thinking today about the problem of SuperFly and GPU rendering. While it is remarkably fast, it still isn't as good as CPU rendering. Why? Based on what was told in the webinar, when a sample branches, it multiplies the original sample by that number of times for each type. So the top quality CPU render ends up like this:

    Diffuse Samples: 420
    Glossy: 420
    Transmission: 350
    Subsurface: 350
    Volume: 175
    AO: 175
    Mesh Light: 700

    Top quality GPU is 50. In all categories. That's pretty low.

    The problem is, as they explained it, that the longer the sample testing, due to branches, the more likely it will time out, as the video cards will timeout when they are given long processes, and each additional branch makes the process longer. But that's just it. You HAVE the solution in front of you. Why not send each branch individually? If you have 10 branches on the subsurface, when you are sampling pixel X, send EACH of the 10 branches to a different CUDA core. Then you successfully break each huge branch into hundreds of little ones.

    This also has ANOTHER benefit. With the current setup, you have EITHER CPU or GPU rendering. If it goes to the GPU, it has to be broken up, if it goes to the CPU, it doesn't. With this method, you could break up EVERY render, and then have both the CPU and the GPU working on the same render at the same time. With a system like mine, this is a very good use of system resources, since both are powerful. It would make sense to utilize every bit of the power a computer can muster!

  • @eclark1849 said in Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+:

    Frankly, among other things, I'd really like to see visible cameras and lights. I don't want them to render, just appear in the camera view. I also know there are workarounds, but I don't want to work around it.

    +1 for this. I find the cameras and lights very hard to see, even after flagging them as visible. I can't count the number of times I've rendered an image only to get a completely black screen. Which means I've placed my camera in a wall. Trying to find that camera though to fix the problem is a nightmare.

    Oh, and open the Hierarchy Editor already collapsed please!! Please, please, please, please!!!

  • @mr_phoenyxx I don't really care that much about the hierarchy editor, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to at least give you the option to choose to have it collasped or expanded in the general preferences.

  • A standard HDRI environment dome, with a shadow catcher -- please?

    The enhancements to SuperFly in SR3 are appreciated, especially the PBR guides.

    Thank you.

  • I am 100% in agreement with the idea of :
    A standard HDRI environment dome, with a shadow catcher

    That would be a welcome addition:thinking:

  • I'd like to see some general overall robustness added to the program's features, particularly the ones that make use of Poser's animation features, like the hair room and the cloth room. Can we speed things up a bit here fellas?

  • I would like to see Copy Morphs From added to the non-Pro version of the software.

    This function is not solely a content creation tool and end users should have this ability. New characters are released daily and their morphs are not included in clothing. Without access to Copy Morphs From, end users assume the software doesn't work properly or the figure doesn't work properly. Either way, it's simply bad PR not to include the function for all users.

    Asking vendors to include all possible figure/character morphs also increases file size unnecessarily.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Hello Tracy => "Copy Morphs from" is a Pro feature. And a LOT of work to enhance this feature was done this very week. (And a lot more is on the shelf).

    But; Everybody has the Poser11 enhanced morph brush to "copy delta's" from one item to another item. The correct word would be "Project".

    "Copy morphs from", and on the same level "Transfer Morphs From" in the setup and fitting room are shortcuts only.

    But if you want the "fine" detail? Nothing beats the enhanced Morph brush that is in both P11 and P11Pro.

    For "draft" work I use the "Copy Morph From" or Transfer Morph From".

    For quality? I create new, or adapt the automatically created Morphs using the Morph Brush. End users have way more control using the Morph brush to fine tune a morph transfer.

  • @vilters Speaking of "Project" I wonder if it is possible for Poser to simply project a mesh around another to get it to fit. It doesn't need to be a permanent thing, they have the fitting room for that. But on a temporary basis, you wouldn't even need to worry about pokethru because it would only project around a posed figure.