Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+

  • @vilters I think @Glitterati3D has a point. I understand that it probably took a great deal of work to create the "copy morphs from" function, but I do believe this is a feature that would help all users of Poser and that SM should consider including it in the non-Pro version. Just think about it at least. :)

    Other enhancements I would like to see relate to the interface. I would really like to be able to CTRL-Click and SHIFT-Click to multi-select items in various places: the hierarchy editor, the library, figure selection, etc.

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    @ eclark1849 => Manually => Everybody can use the Morph brush to do exactly that.
    At RDNA there even was a post to "project" the shape of one figure into the "shape" of another figure.

    With your "client figure selected" => Use the "TightenFit", => select Goal figure as "donor" , => Pokethrough margin at what you would like to happen, set Radius to 1.000, and use a low level Magnitude. => For "detail" work? => Reduce the radius back to a low value.

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    Here is the tutorial in question.


    OK, the demo is to transfer FBM but the possibilities are unlimited.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Sorry, Tony, but what you speak of IS a content creation product.

    Copy Morphs From is NOT.

    I do morph editing extensively when creating content. It's rare that ANY existing morph does not get refined by me in a commercial product.

    That is not what I am talking about.

    I'm talking about the Paul/Pauline teens, for instance.

    NON-PRO end users who buy them have no EASY way to get the morphs into existing clothing. SM is cutting off their own nose to spite their face. This is true for EVERY Paul/Pauline figure released.

    When they have no way to transfer morphs, end users blame the program. Bad PR.

    And, if you think ANY non pro end user is going to go through your little example, you just don't understand end users.

    Heck, they want every clothing object in their runtime to fit any figure they ever decide to put it on and blame Poser when they can't.

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    Tracy, you have a valid point. => Most end users just wanna load and render. Agreed.

    Having both options here; I prefer the Morph Brush. It gives more freedom and better end results at the cost of some time invested.

    For Poser11 users => The Morph brush is a valid option as it does not take that much time to learn either, and it is fun to play with.

    But agreed. Most end users just wanna load and render.

  • It's a different world, now. Everything's so fast paced.

    Any tool that'd help end users render more quickly and easily would be welcomed in the non-Pro version of P11.

    Content creation tools...I can see those being kept for PPro 11. Copying morphs is sort of a basic need though. Adding every possible morph to the final product weights file size.

  • @Jan19 exactly, Jan.

    Not to mention morphs released AFTER the clothing has been released. You can't include ZBrush custom figure morphs in a pair of pants if that morph doesn't EXIST.

    And, we all know, no vendor goes back and updates a product after a new, custom character is released. It would be impossible for a vendor to keep up with all those updates. Not to mention that file size would simply get unwieldy.

    Copy Morphs lets the USER add morphs for the figures they use.

  • I want to see the scaling feature added back to the manipulation tool, I don't know why it was taken out but that's crippled it's use for me.

    Get rid of the auto-complete annoyance when I'm searching for something, it has literally never auto-filled in the correct word/term I was looking for in the library.

  • Front of mind right now... a choice of brush shapes for the morphing tool

  • @piersyf said in Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+:

    Front of mind right now... a choice of brush shapes for the morphing tool


  • Improve fbx export tool.

    • Add option to combine skeletons
    • Add option to combine all same named morph parts
    • Add option to invert selected morph. Unity can't handle negative morph values.

  • What I would really like is a button to pause indexing. I find it really annoying that it is almost impossible to organise content from within the library because as soon as you move one item it starts indexing and the whole thing slows to a crawl.

  • How about updating the materials library to take advantage of changes in the current renderers. Some of those materials are from P6 days and don't take advantage of the newer updated nodes.

  • Please add a sensitivity option for Analyze Curvature / Resample Key Frames.

    Resample Key Frames is extremely useful for reworking and detailing animations, but even if you have simple keyframes (that is, with constant or liner interpolation), then the thing ignores small changes in parameters. It so happens that small changes in some parameters have large effects for some parameters (like hip angles). That makes using this feature very risky after you did some editing.

    This sensitivity thing could be as simple as this: a checkbox for Keep Changed Values. If that checkbox is unchecked, then it behaves as it is right now. If it is checked, then don't touch parameters that have constant or linear values different than the previous ones.

  • Fix the Library. Headings come and go and loading is fitful. I'm glad you've ditched Flash, but I'd like the layout to be more like that of Poser 7, which is so much easier to navigate and load.
    When do we get SR4, anyway?

  • @A_Sunbeam said in Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+:

    Fix the Library. Headings come and go and loading is fitful. I'm glad you've ditched Flash, but I'd like the layout to be more like that of Poser 7, which is so much easier to navigate and load.
    When do we get SR4, anyway?

    You can get SP4 from the download manager now.

  • Sr4 First opening: The library STILL takes years to load. Wait, it doesn't seem to load at all. It did load with SR3 at least. Ahhhh here we go. Well now, after 3 min !!! the library loaded. No improvements on Pauline. So it seems Poser will go on rusting on my hard drive untill a usable Figure is released.

  • @masterstroke I don't mean to demean your experience, but I really don't understand why some folks are having such frustrating library problems.

    I just have never seen what some of you see. For me, SR4 installed, file indexed and all loaded like Poser always has - fast and ready to render.

  • @Glitterati3D
    Have you got external runtimes? I have all mine on an external hard drive, and I'm wondering if this is the problem - communications?

  • @A_Sunbeam

    I also have Poser and Daz runtimes on external drives...All is the same as with Poser 10 Pro 2014. Same problem as you Sunbeam