Wishlist for Poser 11 SR4+

  • @Glitterati3D The only reason I can imagine is, that Poser with it's runtime is not installed on C:drive. I have the default Poser runtime +4 more installed on F:drive and one on D:drive. This has never been a problem with pre-P11.

  • @masterstroke That must be it. I have my runtimes on a big 2 terabyte HD with Poser. I use multiple runtimes but they are on the same HD as Poser.

  • So will there will be a search fix for runtimes on other then C drive??

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    Still strange: I have 4 default Poser11 installation on my test-systems.
    (3 default Poser11Pro and a single Poser11), all on Windows 10 with Edge as explorer. (I like working "standard" and "default".)

    And all Runtimes are on "D" drives. (At least the ones I use often are)

    Touching wood, but I have never seen library speed issues...

  • When you say External hard drives, what kind of externals are they?

    I have various types of external hard drives, and eSata is basically the only way to go if you want it to be as fast as possible.
    Network external hard drives are painfully slow even if the network is setup up for them. About the most you will get out of them is 10 meg a second, and with a default network setup you might not even hit 2. This holds true even on a 1 gig a sec network. To get the most speed out of them, they should be on their own subnet, with the packet sizes raised to whatever the maximum is for all things attached to it. You also need to turn off any protocols you don't need on that network. The fastest way to do a network drive is with a ganged network (4 cat cables to each thing) but that is not something you will usually find on a home network. You might hit 80 meg a sec doing it that way, which isn't really that fast compared to other ways of doing it. Thunderbolt and eSata are the fastest home type setups.

    The cheapest way to do really fast external hard drives, is to add an eSata card to the PC and use 7200 and up rpm drives in the enclosure(s). If your motherboard supports Thunderbolt (a fairly new Intel standard) That is another option that is very fast. Thunderbolt is more common on Macs than PC's. Thunderbolt is very fast as well, and can take advantage of raid setups without pulling your hair out setting it up..

    As far as where my Runtimes are, I don't have any Runtimes on the root drive. I don't have a big enough SSD for that. All of mine are on drive G, on every system that has Poser setup on it.

    My P11 install presently has 56 Runtimes, and I don't see the issues others are seeing. One difference may be that I have deleted the ContentLibrary.db file more than a few times, then let it rebuild it. I do this because I beta test Poser and wanted it to be a fresh database with each beta build. The database file(s) is/are in the same folder as the Poser.ini file on a Windows install. You could try rebuilding your database file and see if that helps, but if the bottle neck is access speed it is going to take a while to rebuild it. I let mine do it at night, so it does not really matter how long it takes. I am not really sure how long it takes because of that either.

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    Good Post Scott, kiss from the Lady.