Rendering cpu usage setting

  • @momogun [run out of reply edit time] If the 2 threads per core rule holds and you do actually have 40 cores, then 40% of 80 threads would be 32, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that you have run into a limitation of Poser.

  • @anomalaus thanks for you reply. That really helpfull. I put 10 the number of threads, cpu usage is 47%. I put 38 (max) also the same, only 47% cpu usage. That setting not really work. or maybe i do not know how to make it work.

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    Search your location of the file ; Poser.ini
    Open with a txt viewer and check the entry '"Render Treads".
    That should read the setting you gave it.

    If not, open Poser.ini with a txt editor and adapt that value to your desired value and resave.
    (Always keep a backup file just in case)

    Best regards, Tony

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    PS; If anything goes wrong, just DELETE the Poser.ini, and Poser will build a new one for you at next start-up with its default settings..

  • Sorry to Hijack this thread, but i have a question on the same theme and that probably could help this thread too.

    I try to render flink's forest with V4 in it, but that thing kill my cpu ! :)

    So i was wondering how i could lower the usage of cpus.
    Of course i can diminish the number of cpu to be used to render, but i was wondering if there are any other means that can help too avoid my PC to crash and do it smoothly . (Intel I7 with 16g RAM)

    1. I was thinking to render in background, it's probably safer.
    2. diminish the priority of poser ?
    3. any ideas ... ?

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    Repeating (almost) a post by me from another thread:


    Thread reduction is one way to free up CPU but not the best. The best ... is to just lower the priority of Poser so it gets all the CPU except when ANY other program wants some, then it doesn't. This way, if you're just reading a web page doing nothing, Poser uses 100%, but the millisecond you click a link to go look at another web page, all the CPU goes to the browser, until the browser is once again idle. In other words, by lowering the priority of Poser, you set it to "borrow" CPU instead of "own". Any program that is doing work on your behalf will take it back from Poser until it doesn't need it.

    To set this up "permanently" I changed my desktop shortcut. Edit the Target field like this (but use your own correct paths of course)

    C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "Poser" /belownormal "C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Poser.exe"

    Rendering in a separate process can free up the Poser UI, but the renderer is still "owning" and not sharing nicely. Change the priority and it only borrows, whether you're doing foreground or background rendering.


    Read the full thread for more info - note that Poser 11 background or separate process may already change to low priority on its own, but the regular foreground renderer does not seem to.

  • If windows was installed with one processor in the machine, then the second one added. The HAL will need updated to use more than 50% cpu resources.

    Try this first thou...

    1. Press WIN+R, type msconfig, press Enter.

    2. System Configuration --> Boot --> Advanced Options --> uncheck "Number of processors" and also uncheck "Maximum Memory" . Click OK and reboot.

  • If that doesnt work, I would need to know what motherboard and memory you have.

  • @bagginsbill thanks for your answer !

    You know, (i'm sure you already know) that all your posts should be sanctuarized.
    i'm not trying to polish your self esteem, you're the kind of person that is a proof of how people can be nice and humble :)

    I already succeeded to sanctuarize all your renderosity posts, but it's much less simple on

    It's amazing how when you think you already nicely tweaked your poser configuration, they're always something else you can do ... It should be the leitmotiv on poser jacket ;)

  • Thanks for all the reply Guys. I really appreciate that. I will try all the method you guys teaching me above. Now i m doing the method wrote by vilters, but not yet found the poser.ini . Anyone can tell me which folder to find it ?

  • @momogun if you open the Poser Python Shell, and type:

    >>> poser.PrefsLocation()

    it will print out the path in which the Poser.ini (on Windows, "Poser Prefs" on macOS) file resides; usually relative to your user account.

    From p1041 of the Poser 11 Reference Manual:
    0_1541419423523_Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.02.55 pm.png

  • @anomalaus this is awesome.. Thanks

  • @vilters Had follow you advise. Had change the Render Treads in poser.ini to 80. When i go back to poser i found the render thread become 80 and no longer 32. But when i clicked to adjust THE THREAD AMOUNT. The max render thread suddenly back become 32. A bit of improvement, now when i doing rendering the cpu usage become 57% compare to last time only 47%. Any Other advise how to fix this ?

  • @shvrdavid i had checked the system configuration --> Boot --> Advanced Options --> and found out the Number of processors and ram never been ticked. Had try to tick them and reboot. And go to poser doing rendering, result still same. Had go back to --> Boot --> Advanced Options and unticked the number of processor and ram then reboot. but rendering result still the same. For you info during i install poser my system only 1 processor in it. My mother board is supermicro x11dph-i. Ram is 32 Gb (4X8GB) PC4-2133P-RCO-10.

  • @momogun said in Rendering cpu usage setting:

    supermicro x11dph-i

    Just out of curiosity, can any other program use all of the cpu resources?

    IE: Maxwell render test, Cinebench, etc..

    If not, go to the bios and make sure the UPI settings are correct.

  • @shvrdavid what is UPI? Had check in bios but not found any option for UPI setting.

  • 0_1541598098481_DSC_0208.JPG
    This picture is a rendering process with task manager on it. Seem windows detected 40 cores 80 thread and 2 socket of processor. As you can see, only 57% of the cpu used by poser.

  • @momogun The UPI settings are for the number of physical processors.
    It's on page 79 of the downloadable mother board manual.
    Normally it would be set to auto, but you never know.
    There are some odd settings on the Super Micro boards for cpus.
    If they are not on auto it can mess with the number of usable cores.

    I don't have a machine that has more than 32 threads.
    I am starting to wonder if maybe Poser isn't coded to use past 32.
    That is why I asked if other render tests can use all of the cores you have.
    If other render tests can use all 80 cores, then you have your answer.

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    57% of 80 is around 45 logical cores working full time. That doesn't feel like 32 is the reason.

    My guess would be that objects or collections that must be shared by the threads are sufficiently in contention that a significant number are waiting on a mutex. 80 threads operating on common data is starting to get into a class of programming that is very new, and probably not the style in which Cycles operates. For massive parallelism, you have to go with new data structures. But like I said, I'm just guessing.

    A few minutes googling, I could not find an example of anybody using Cycles in Blender with more than 16 cores.

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    Blender on 80 cores
    The dual Xeon Gold 6138 setup was the fastest to little surprise considering it has 80 logical cores in total while the EPYC 7601 tops out at 64. Worth noting with these numbers though is the Threadripper 1950X competing very well with the Core i9 7960X, which costs much more than this current top-end Threadripper CPU. The Ryzen 7 1800X manages to beat out the Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake CPU in this scene.