simple question about scenes

  • I want to create a scene. I may want to use fairly accurate measured walls. I can not find a tutorial for creating rooms. How do I make a wall? Do I just use 2d shapes? Can I make a 2d shape and give it a Z coordinate - make it 3d? Or do I have to make everything from 'boxes'. And I can't find info on making translucent windows. I feel as if I am looking in the wrong places.

  • If starting from scratch, I would use primitives, eg the cube, and scale the different sides, increase x and y to the size of the walls you want and reducing z to a suitable thickness.
    As for making translucent windows, you need to look for tutorials about the materials room, but be careful, translucent in the material room is not what you want, you need to look at transparency set to a value below 100%

    Have a look at this video, while not creating the sort of scene you are interested in, it might help

  • @joz1 Just out of curiosity, are you against buying or downloading for free the props you need for your scene? Or do you just want to build from scratch? Poser does have several scenes included with the content you downloaded with the program.

  • @joz1 do you have any experience with Python scripting? There are a couple of scripts bundled with Poser that create geometries and props from scratch. If you were to start with them and plug in specific dimensions for walls and other shapes, you could literally build your scene that way.

    By default, Poser is not designed for modelling. A lot can be done with the bundled primitive props, most of which have well defined sizes (the box prop in Primitives is 0.1PNU on a side), so accurate scaling can give you accurate sizes.

  • @joz1 Here is a good place to start with the Render Room by @trekkiegrrrl

    it's free