.obj to pp2

  • Hi, I am building parts of a room. I want to make a prop that I can use later out of four sections of wall. So I exported the walls as welded, which seems to be the only way to do it. Then when I want the item I can import it as a single prop but its now in .obj and the library wont recognise it.

    Grouping doesn't do anything useful for this kind of problem, and the group editor doesn't do anything. It "groups" one object at a time. It never seems to add. And its very difficult for it actually stay in one group. It seems to want to make multiple groups of single objects.

  • You want to load a four sided Room, but you want to have options, like two walls or three, sometimes one wall, right?
    I have build rooms like that.
    I gave each wall a differend material, so if it is loaded in Poser, i go into the material room and switch on transparency on the walls i dont need.
    If you save the obj file into the geometrie folder and make an pp2 file entry in your librarie, you can even create presets for the room by saving each possible combination of visible walls as a material setting.
    Maybe i am on the wrong path and you are searching for a differend solution, but that is how i do it.

  • @joz1 the other option is that each collection of faces can belong to multiple groups. Directly importing an obj file will only give you one prop which contains all the groups. Poser's figures, on the other hand, allow you to select which named group becomes an actor in the figure's geometry definition.

    IOW, if you rig the room walls as separate actors of a figure, each one gets its own visibility flag, without you having to have separate obj files. The wall actors don't have to have joints, they could simply all be parented to the room figure's body and retain their individual translation dials for position adjustment.

  • You shouldn't need to export it; if it is one obj, simply save the room to the Prop Library.