iMac 2009 video card good enough?

  • Will my old iMac late 2009 video card be enough for Poser 11? The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics with 256 MB of shared memory. Everything else I have on the iMac seems to meet or surpass the Poser 11 requirements.

  • You are running the equivalent of a 10 year old laptop (M stands for Mobile).
    Even a maxed out iMac 9,1 Poser 11 will be quite painful to run. It isn't just the GPU, a Core duo cpu simply isn't going to cut it.

    3D art requires some serious horsepower. That is the reality of it, you will need cores and ram (especially since vendors are doing stupid stuff like 4K and 8K texture maps).

    The good news is that you can get that serious horse power, pretty cheaply nowadays.

    If you want to stay on a Mac, head over to ebay and get yourself a 2009 Mac Pro (4,1). You can pick one up for a few hundred bucks (around $300) and you will be set.

    If you are looking on the windows side, it is a bit cheaper - get an HP 8200 or an HP Z210, they are about $100 - add ram and a video card and you will be good to go.

    I scored an HP 210 workstation from for $40. Video card was $60 (Nvidia 1030), and 16Gb of ram ($60). 120 SSD, for the operating system/apps ($25), and a 1TB drive for data ($50).

    It is for playing games, but it will run Poser just fine, and from what I understand, it makes a nice hackintosh, if you are interested in such things.

  • @hawthorn67 I wish I could give some real-world example of performance, but the closest I had to your 2009 iMac would have been my 2006 24" iMac... I don't have that one anymore, and way back then I was using DAZ Studio 3.

    But I can't see why not, after all, anything except SuperFly renders where you set it to use your GPU will be using the CPU instead.

  • I'm with Cobra here. I didn't use Poser 11 on my old iMac that might be the same model as yours, but I did use Poser 10. If you're not prepared to buy a new computer yet, I'd recommend getting Poser 11, then deciding later on about upgrading it to Pro or upgrading your computer.

  • Thanks all for your input! I'm thinking of just buying a newer PC to run Poser 11. My budget could be up to $1,000. Recommendations? And how important would a Class 1 video card be compared to a Class 2? My take is that a Class 2 would be fine, but the Class 1 would be a "good/great" card for a longer period of time--perhaps adding another 3 years to the computer's capabilities? Any thoughts or computer recommendations?

  • @hawthorn67 why not try poser on your current mac and just see how it goes.
    I think SM allows you download a PC version later if you find you need it.
    I run poser on my macs, always have. lately on imac pro. is good.
    Love esther