Help - question on model distortion after render

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    Forgive me if this is a question that has already been asked or seems simple to you, but I need help understanding what is going wrong with my renders. After rendering, the final image shows distortion and warping (I will include an example here). I need advice on understanding and eliminating this distortion.

    My Poser version is Poser Pro 2014, using a Firefly render. I've changed render settings but nothing seems to affect the final image. Computer is a Windows 10 Surface Pro.

    Note the lamp and street. 0_1541595569636_DIstortion Example.jpg

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    As answered before; What are your camera settings?
    Focal distance should be between 35 and 50 normally.

  • The lamp post is ballooning due to the smoothing that Firefly renderer does.
    You can either go into the lamp post properties and the street properties and turn off smoothing there (and for any additional objects in the scene),


    or you can turn it off entirely for the scene by unchecking 'Smooth Polygons' in the render settings.


    You can also try playing with the crease angle in the object's properties too.

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    Ah, yes that balloon of the lamppost.

    Smoothing can be left ON in the render settings, but should be turned OFF in the lamppost vertex groups properties.

    Smoothing in the render settings is a global action; But smoothing can be controlled for each vertex group in their properties panel.

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    Smoothing in the render settings is not a global action in the sense that it doesn't do anything to each actor (like a script might).

    The Render Option "Smooth polygons" is a master switch that turns the feature on or off. Same as "Use displacement maps" turns the feature on or off. It doesn't globally make props do displacement. It turns on or off the ABILITY to do displacement, or the ABILITY to do smoothing.